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Aobakwe Mosime is a 25 year old author from Morula view Mabopane. She is a certified life coach and the author of two books. Her first book is called “Under the Blazor” which she wrote while in high school. According to her the book aims to address issues that pupils face during their high school years most of which parents don’t find easy to talk about. On the other hand her latest book is called “Getting Closer”. The crux of the message in this particular book is that things don’t always go as planned but that doesn’t mean you are on the wrong tract.

Aobakwe says that Getting Closer is based on her own life experience. Initially she wanted to go to varsity immediately after high school and graduate in record time and get a well paying job, like most young people aspire. Things didn’t go as planned, the more she found herself drifting away from her initial goal, it’s the more she found herself being aligned to her purpose.

The target market for her latest book according to Aobakwe is anyone fresh from high school to those in their early thirties. She says it’s because those are the ages where most people are still figuring it out career wise, relationship wise, and those are the ages where they are still figuring themselves out as well. She discovered her passion for helping people and doing more for the community while she was studying at the University of Pretoria.  After she became a certified life coach her passion grew even more.

She decided to halt her studies for a short while so as to focus on her passion. To some it might have looked like she was deviating from her dream of becoming a graduate, however she was actually discovering something that meant more to her at the time. She is currently doing her final semester of Bcom Accounting Science at Unisa. The book launch for “Getting Closer” will be on the 7th of March 2020 , anyone interested can email her at


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