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Simple yet elegant, scarves are known to add a touch of glam and style to any outfit. Popular for their versatility even the renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin has a shoe collection made if scarf, proving that our favorite piece of cloth is a fashion investment. Not sure how to incorporate scarves into your outfit, the following tips will transform your outfits into an instant glam.

1. The neckerchief

Whether it’s a semi-casual or casual, this look is great for both men and women. Using a thin scarf, simply roll your scarf, wrap around the neck and knot it in the front, side or back of the neck.

2. Belt

Ladies, tired of wearing the same old patent leather or suede belt? Scarves are a great alternative and can drastically change the look. It goes well with everything ( dresses, jeans or skirts). You can also ditch the figure belt and wear a scarf instead, to cinch your waist.

3. Handbags

Personalize your handbags with a silk scarf. You can tie a bow on to the arm belt, or wrap your scarf around the arm belt. Most handbags have a detachable arm belts, you can simply replace them with your scarf on days when you feel like updating your bag, and replace the scarf with the arm belts when you want the original look of the bag. It really is two looks in one bag.

4. Head wrap

You cannot talk about scarves and not mention a head wrap. Popular amongst women for a good reason of course. Whether we are having a bad hair day or attending women’s lunches headwraps have becoming our saving grace and has now taken the center stage in men’s fashion. A man in a head wrap is nothing new, as some are known to wear them for religious and cultural reasons, however, a man in a headwrap as a fashion statement- that is a look that I absolutely love.

Doubt that you’ll be able to pull it off? Keep it simple. A basic T-shirt, jeans and a headwrap, are a classic combination. One of the simplest ways, to achieve the look is by following these steps

-hold both ends of your scarf, place the mid part on your forehead and roll both ends across your head.  Get creative with tying the knots, to give it, your personal taste. If you want to take it up a notch. A well tailored suite is a must.


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