Everything in life begins as a thought that can quickly turn into a dream and likewise the rest is history.  Zanele Maseko and Thabiso Mogashoa shared a dream that was just bigger than just them, so they had to make it inclusive. Their dream was to establish a movement that would uplift young people from all walks of life. In 2015 New Faces Ent was established with the objective of growing it into a global brand that can spark a new light of hope to anyone who ever came across it.

New Faces Ent was established for lack of better words as a voice of reason looking to uplift and position more females as spheres to be reckoned with in the music industry. “There is a great need for female artists to establish themselves in the industry, which is met with a great challenge that there are not many roles to play as a woman in the music industry”, says Zanele. New Faces is also conscious about the music they put out there with the emphasis being to remain relevant and motivation.

Although Zanele and Thabiso originally were the brains behind the concept which is New Faces Ent they pulled the final straw after discussing the idea with more people and seeking second opinion. The anticipation was overwhelming for the duo especially after speaking to a close associate in Hatfield by the name of Tatenda Mtizwa.

“As New Faces Ent we saw the need for trippy, upbeat and fun motivational music. Music that doesn’t conform to any boundaries, that isn’t event specific and delivers a message of encouragement to anyone that listens to it”, said Zanele.

Expectedly so it hasn’t always been a walk in the park when it comes to managing New Faces Ent, the founders are met with the challenge imposed by lack of resources to produce the music they strive to put in the public domain. “Having had established the company in 2015 and launching the New Faces project in 2016 we don’t have a set studio to use, this is where all the magic happens and without it there is no music”. Secondly the reception as an all-female movement has seen New Faces Ent receive criticism from aspiring male talent in and around their community. “We get a lot of slamming on how selfish it is to aim only to develop females and not incorporating male artists”, says Zanele.

The female movement is not discouraged by the challenges they have to endure in order for them to realise their dream, one day. They work with multiple studios for recording purposes, hoping the owners of such resources can share in their vision for a harmonious relationship. “In terms of how people perceive us, we have this to say: we are only responsible for what we put out and how we do it. How you receive it, is entirely out of our control and we are proud of what we put out”.

New Faces dropped their first studio album in 2017 titled “The Womanation Tape” which is available on all digital platforms. For the year 2018, another album will be dropped called “The Womanation Tape 2” which features the likes of TheeOri (Hammanskraal), Dora Moche (Hammanskraal), Pulchritude (Soshanguve), Annah Lehohla (Lethlabile), YourGirlZee (Hebron) and Bassie Babe (Tembisa). You can stay in touch with New Faces via Facebook and Instagram through the handle @NewFacesEnt.



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