Each year event coordinator Kabelo “Unique KayBee” Letlhatlha takes the opportunity to shower participants, pamper them and let them enjoy top-notch events. Getaways, private trips, woman’s social events, seminars, book reviews, you name them, Kabelo is the vivid brainer when it comes to organising events.

The event coordinator used to and still attends different events and that is where her passion grew from. “Attending other events and seeing the loop holes, made me want to improve on the industry, add more value to events by organising unique events that people are always wondering and always questioning ‘I wonder what is going to happen’”- Kabelo.

In November 2015 Kabelo organised her first event called Reclaim Yourself-Authors Seminar, the aim of the event was for the authors to come together, motivate and educate the guests. “positive reviews from my guests on how the event went was what I truly needed”- Kabelo. Being the vibrant woman that she is, the event became a success and she never looked back from there.

Kaybee also works as an accountant at an insurance company, her passion for events comes from the heart.  “The joy I get from everything coming together and actually working, sometimes just seeing the smiles on people’s faces about the events fulfils me”- Kabelo.

Kabelo is responsible for putting together events, tackling anything from client meetings to clean up, preparing budgets, scouting and booking locations, conducting press outreach, lining up sponsors and securing food and drinks.

Through events the fiery woman aims to motivate, educate, entertain and inform her guests. Running a business in such a competitive industry can be challenging at times. “limited finances and not being able to always get sponsors on board to make my events affordable for all to attend remains a challenge”-Kabelo.

On the 09th of August 2018 (Women’s Day) Unique KayBee Events will be hosting Woman’s Pamper Day Picnic at Mogotsi Function Venue and Lifestyle Centre, near Wonderpark Shopping Centre. It is going to be a day for women to gather, be pampered with some spa treatments and just to enjoy with other phenomenal women.

Another Unique Event will be held on the 20th to 23rd of September 2018, it is a trip to the beautiful and exotic (INHAMBANE) tropical island of Mozambique. “This is where we escape for a while a distant away from home and explore what other countries have in store. We are doing Mozambique but hoping to do other African countries and eventually around the world trips” says the coordinator.

Unique KayBee Events are profound for providing a unique experience at any given time. “My goal is giving the unique a voice like my slogan says”- Kabelo. Stay in touch with Unique Kaybee and their events on the following social platforms on Facebook it’s Unique Kaybee Solution and on Instagram it’s also Unique Kaybee Solution.



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