With little that she has she still caters for the needy. Magdalene Beauty Gola (64) founded Lebogang orphanage based in Soshanguve Block AA in 1992 after her mother abandoned her and her siblings. It hasn’t been an easy journey since she started the orphanage with no funding but only her pension money.

Lebogang orphanage started with only three children but now it is home to 22 children between the ages of five months and 25 years from different townships in Pretoria. With only Woolworths as their sponsor and too many mouths to feed, Mam Gola still thanks God that even though its hard, the smiles she puts on the boys and girls at her orphanage help her sleep better at night .”We struggle with food and clothing since we have limited funds, but we hope one day God will make a miracle to feed hundreds of children” said Mam Gola.

Some of the children at Lebogang orphanage are orphaned, vulnerable and disadvantaged and they need the best care they can get. Only eight children at the orphanage receive foster care grants from the government as the rest of the children don’t have birth certificates. With the good heart that she has, she uses her pension money to help buy food, clothing, diapers and electricity, she hopes one day all will be well.

Lebogang orphanage is one that brings smiles to children’s faces because it’s a home to them.

“Tshegofatso Modiba a helper at the orphanage says, despite all the challenges, what brings joy to my heart is seeing beautiful smiles on the children’s faces and to see them going to bed with a full stomach”.

After her mom abandoned her and her siblings, life was rather challenging, but who knew that such a tragedy could turn to be a testimony. It was never easy for her to look after her siblings, but that made her to be very loving towards children and that’s how Lebogang orphanage was founded. The children feel at home, given the affection they need and protection they deserve from a parent.

Steve Kgahle, a tourism student came to the orphanage when he was a newborn baby says “staying at an orphanage feels like any other home, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way”.

With her pension money not being able to sustain all the needs of the children, Mam Gola keeps great faith and believes that the almighty will provide for their needs. Donations go a long way in assisting the Good Samaritan to care of the young ones. The orphanage has only five bedrooms with few beds and blankets. Let’s put smiles to these children’s faces, and one can do that by calling Mam Gola on 082 952 9649 or visit the orphanage at Stand no 859, Soshanguve Block AA. A caring nation is a sharing nation #ladi_jaja?




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