Samantha Mundo, a 16-year-old musician, has stunned many people, including her classmates, as she breaks into the South African gospel market. Mundo released her track “I Win”.

“At the beginning at school, it was like a joke,” the Pretoria-based, Zimbabwean-born says on SABC Morning Live. But when people realized that I was singing with Dj Tira, they started taking me seriously and were more interested in what I had to say,” Mundo explains. Mundo has been singing since she was seven years old, and like many other performers, her love of music increased when she began singing in church.

In her professional endeavors Mundo claims that her father encouraged her to pursue her career. “When I told him I wanted to do music, I created my first song, which made no sense, but I sang it to him anyhow.” And he encouraged me as a dad.” According to the young musician, she has been able to manage her school and work careers while focusing her music primarily during school holidays.

 Mundo, on the other hand, is interested in studying law as well as music.

Reporter: Palesa Maneli.

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