Nathaniel Hebert Mudau, well known by his stage name 015 MusiQ, was born in the township of Soweto in the city of Johannesburg then moved to Soshanguve, Pretoria before discovering his passion in the music industry at the age of 21. He came to realise his love and talent for music in the year 2018, where he started playing with ideas while listening to well-known artists in the world.

“One day I decided to compose an Amapiano beat and later discovered my talent in the Amapiano genre,” 015 MusiQ explained. The Amapiano genre is one of the genres which are quite in demand in the market, and 015 MusiQ has something to offer for Amapiano enthusiasts. He confirmed that he has released one song titled “Bafana Ba Pitori”, from his debut album called BaBy on Board in august.

“This is because you are the only one who knows your worth and you are the only one who will meet your fate and reach your destiny”, he said. “Never doubt your talents as you believe you can do it, then you can, and do it for your future, your happiness and never hustle to be better than anybody but better for yourself,” 015 MusiQ said.

The star is an artist who is very proud of himself as he doesn’t want to be pushed by his troubles nor problems, but wants to be led by his dreams for a better future for all, as he believes everybody is great in their own calibre. 015 MusiQ believes in the way youth are working so hard nowadays as he believes it’s an extraordinary momentum on how the youth stands for their dreams, and he sees this as a good sign of hope for the youth of South Africa.

The up-coming artist profoundly wants to see himself representing the nation of South Africa in the next 3 – 5 years in the music industry.

By: Mpho Khena.

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