But women are rare creatures I tell you, we get worked up over minor issues and become extremely sensitive about them. Well I get it it’s in our nature, as much as we are nurturing, caring human beings but we sometimes get worked up over nothing.

My point in all this mentioned above is patience, can we pause, inhale, exhale and let life be. Take a look at these scenarios:
1) why do we stress over how perfect my girlfriends partner is? E.g. he does household chores, he’s a romantic etc. (remember last week’s column?)
2) She works at a better firm than me and earns a lot of money.
3) She drives a big car, wears designer clothes and lives in a mansion.

You look at her and you basically think she has a perfect setup. She has it all, little miss perfect. Life though taught me not to weigh my successes with others. As I grow and acquire knowledge in this journey called life I’ve learned to be patient, as this phrase says “Hard work + Perseverance=Success – Bonang Matheba”. It’s very true trust me, there is time for everything. When and how you’re neighbour became successful will not determine your timeline of success. You know why, because timing in the Directors (God) eyes is everything.

Compare these scenarios. Person A matriculates at 17 with flying colours, gains University entrance and at 20 they graduate, 5 years later they find themselves unemployed. While Person B matriculates at 19 with just the minimum requirements needed for University admission, fails a couple of modules along the way but eventually makes it to the graduation podium. Contact Person B in 3 years they are employed.

Person A might argue to say how come they graduated first but Person B has a job. It’s a matter of patience. If you are not patient and wait your turn for success it will lead to jealousy and that might kill your spirit. In reality no one is under the radar, it’s similar to campus life. People are focused on achieving their goals not concentrating on another person’s worries. Who will follow you around to see if you are wearing Guess jeans or riding in that Range Rover?

Comparing yourself to the next person is the biggest mistake most of us tend to make. For the mere fact that you have a name and surname and that name and surname is not the same as your friends that should spell it out for you in bold that you are unique and everyone has their own blessings hidden somewhere where no one can find them except you. You think that person driving a Range Rover is a success and you are defeated, wait until your blessed with a better job than them and score yourself a Lamborghini just because good things comes to those who wait.

Patience is a virtue so relax ladies your turn shall come too.




Edited By: M.D.B

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