In life if you don’t follow your dreams you will dwell after those of the unknown. Reality is that realising our dreams is never as easy as we imagine at first, truth is that if it can be visualised it can be conquered. One thing I have realised in life is that by quitting not only are you giving up on your dreams but you’re also giving up on hundreds and thousands of people whom their lives you can influence by keeping at that dream.

If you have never been judged, criticized and looked down upon because you thought or believed in something that nobody else understood then you’re yet to live. We are living in a contagious world where trend setters are looked down on because they choose to stake their own identity and not follow on the exhausted footsteps of others. If the is anyone who knows how it feels to give it your all and still have it not be good enough it has to be our guest tonight Issa Matthews.


However every cloud has its silver lining and so has been evident with Issa. 2013 was a very productive year for this exceptional talent from cap city. Apart from being nominated and winning his first award at the Hall of Fame awards as the Best Solo Artist Issa has also had other memorable events to recollect.

This fast blossoming talent from cap city has also had the privilege to share the stage with other high profile acts. He has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Zakwe, Kwesta, Kid-x, Dj what what, Pitch Black Afro and many others.  Over this duration Issa Matthews has also grown his following and cemented his street cred as a professional performer.


This talented lad from Tshwane has had his songs like Swagger like, Sakanyuka, Take over, and S’thandwa sam being played  on multiple radio stations including the likes of EH FM, ECR, Tshwane FM, Mams FM and other local and community radio stations.

Issa has also had interviews on public radio stations like Umhlobo Wenene FM and his track was the 1st to stay on the number one spot for more than two weeks on the Motsweding top 10 Bokamoso Ba Hip-Hop Charts. He has also had interviews with other online magazines and in July 2013 he was chosen to be part of the 24 artists who performed at the “KASI 2 KASI TOUR 1st edition” at Jack Budha in Mamelodi.

It’s without doubt that this talented lad really knows what he wants in life. He has worked tirelessly on his craft and has continued to wow listeners with his diverse lyrical content and sick delivery. Issa is always on his grind from performing in Fashion shows to winning awards and running his own fashion range this young entrepreneur gives a new meaning to the term hustler.


Issa Matthews is currently working on his EP titled “EVERGREEN” which is scheduled to drop in May (this month). Concurrent to that Issa is working on his most anticipated Mixtape called “Nix Mapha”. The tape is expected to feature the likes of Lemapi Entertainment, Kimro-Beats and Wikid just name a few. Issa has also informed us that he is working on a little special something with Dj Divalash so stay on the look-out for that.

When he first came about with his Xhosa raps fussed with a bit of this and that, and people being sceptics that they’re he was undermined as a performer.  Everybody had their own opinions on how he should sound and what to change but that kind of response didn’t shake him actually it just hardened him. Not in the distant future he was now winning awards and touring all over and those very same people were the one’s now cheering his name.

Issa Matthews is a 25 years old Musician, Comedian, Producer, and Dj born in Pretoria. The lad grew up in the Eastern Cape in a small town called Sterkspruit before returning to cap city. He went to primary school at Laudium which is in Pretoria. Whilst in Eastern Cape he attended school at Jozana Snek and he also attended Malenge in Kwazulu-Natal. Issa attended his high school at Ebenezer Nyathi Senior secondary School.

Issa dreams of being the best entertainer in the music industry one of the good days. He hopes that he can come about as the entertainer who put Xhosa rap on the global scale and prove that music far exceeds language barriers. However on top of his wish list the lad hopes that in the near future he can buy his mother a house through the money he makes with music.


This talented lad still has big aspirations and objectives to meet in the industry. He hopes in the apparent future he can work on his craft with the likes of Ifani, AKA, Lection, Dr Vusi Mahlasela and many others just to scratch the surface.

To stay in touch with Issa you can get hold of him on Twitter @Issa_Matthews, find him on Instagram @Issa_Matthews or talk to him on Facebook and stay updated about where you can see him in action Facebook: Issa Matthews Laweeei. For all your bookings or enquiries email: or simply call: 0810446533 or 0827280094.

Our guest tonight has taught us that giving up is not an option. Whatever difficulty you might be going through in your life today, or however big your problems might appear there’s always a way out. Remember the golden rule “different strokes for different folks”. Never expect the next person to comprehend your dream because only you can make sense of it. tonight I challenge you to take a stand and keep the torch burning because optimists like Issa have got the ball rolling all we need to do is keep the momentum going.

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