Most of us have got our own perceptions when we see people going to the gym to exercise, we think most people especially women go to the gym to exercise and lose weight but my dear friends that is entirely a pure myth.

There are some people who struggle with putting on a few kilos, now I know some of you who put on weight in a speed of lightning wish you can do something for them right?  Maybe you wish you can donate , unfortunately life is not fair and as much as you would want to donate, reality is you can’t so let’s forget about that all together dear skatties.

So you are struggling to put on a few kilos, no need for you to be ashamed because this week dear friend I have just the perfect remedy for you that is gaining a healthy weight. As much as being overweight is a hassle for many of us, being underweight has its own ups and downs, and for that I went out of my way to find ways to help those who need to put on a few kilos.

Now I really don’t like wasting time, and I’m very sure you also can’t wait to find out what the solution to your predicament is. Well without any delay you can read down a few points that I have jotted down for you, and I hope it’ll shed some light. Here are the things to look at when training for weight gain:

  • Exercise four to six times a week and focus on exercises that engage lots of muscles rather than one muscle group.
  • Aim to work the whole entire body at once, this include the upper and lower body at once.
  • Perform exercises that require lifting heavier weights with less repetition, this will help in hypertrophy.
  • Try a bit of flexibility exercises before lifting your weight.

Now do you guys think that is enough? I think not, remember that you can exercise as much as you want but as long as you guys are not eating right then you are going nowhere very fast. Good nutrition is very essential to your body. Also eat plenty of protein, carbohydrates and nutrition.

Now here and there after your exercises you will properly feel like eating a whole cow, but I do not advice that at all, try snacks that are packed with proteins, you can also have your fruit as often as possible. What have you got to lose? One important factor is to drink water and water and more water.

Enough about food and let’s focus on exercises that should fill up your training programme, focus mostly on your squats, pull ups, dead lifts, press ups  over head rows because those exercises that were mentioned are the ones that target your whole body.

Now I am very sure I won’t be hearing any complaints from you guys who are struggling to embrace a bit of weight, you now know what to do.

Try hard, and from me good luck trying.




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