You’re my soul mate I can feel it.

If only it were just as simple as that right? And why can’t it be just simple? Because we as humans like to complicate even the simplest of things call it human nature.

The generation of today is solemnly based on individuality and success.  Other things have become just accessories and not necessities. This is why sex has become an empty act, dates have become business dealings and using each other is a norm.  We waste life as if we are going to live forever all thanks to Drake.

We are made to love, the very reason God created Eve for Adam, no man is an island hence I said we come in pairs. Meaning there’s a man for every woman (not excluding our gay brothers and sisters) and no one was ever made to be alone. Some people will say they prefer it that way because it’s easier for them, well knowing that it’s not something they want for human being were made to love, need, want and desire.

The way the world has become so fast paced is ridiculous, we are way busier than what God intended all in the sake of making money, how and when did life become so expensive to the point that we have to work at least two jobs just to get by.

The reason I chose to write about us being pairs is because I truly believe there’s a rib out there for everyone and by this I mean the completing part to someone hence every man has one rib missing because woman were made form it therefore that rib can only complete you to become that you need be to fulfil  the purpose bestowed upon you by the God.

If it’s all a myth, then how can we debate with the Bible when people say its just stories old guys just wrote about their personal journey with Jesus. If that’s the case then why is it that men scientifically don’t have equal ribs? Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

In the end of it all its about what you believe and what you think works best for you. If however living alone or changing partners works for you so be it. But let this thought stay in your mind, as a human being you consist of three elements, namely mind, body and spirit and each element requires a filling. We are made in pairs so find your half or give him/her a chance to find you, if not catch up and life will be bliss.




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