So Wednesday we as a nation woke to a public holiday and not just any holiday it was heritage day.
A day where “we” as a country celebrate being a diverse nation amongst other countries, a country with 11 official languages to mention a few.

Heritage1 Heritage nunus.

One can’t argue that we are a developing country with problems here & there, but we have come a long way since gaining independence 20 years ago.I believe if problems were tackled together as a nation we would have accomplished a lot of things in a short period of time, but because everyone wants a trophy without putting in hard work that’s what set us back as a nation.

Heritage2 Venda and Tsonga beauties.

I’m ashamed to let you know that I don’t know sereto sako gae(my clan’s praise poem),kele setlogolo ko ga Mathope (as a Mathope grandchild). My uncles would kill me if they knew, but that’ll be my latest project to find out about my origins, if you’re also like me then you can join #operationknowyourorigins.
As I write this article I’m feel like kicking myself because I’ve allowed myself to be a product of “I don’t know where I come from”.

Are you proud to be South African? Where do you come from?
Again are you proud to be a South African?

We’re one blessed nation.
Well I’m proud to be South African.
A proudly gay guy, a blessed nation that I’m part of.
That puts a smile on my face.
The constitution is well put, to protect us, as well as to know our individual rights as South Africans.

As much as people we’re out celebrating by having braai’s throughout the country wearing our colorful, beautiful traditional garments. I couldn’t just let that pass, I had to share with you.


Heritage3 Aah!

Lame lefoko lekalo
Are kopaneng beke etlang
Lerato le mohau wa Modimo ke tseo (I’ll leave you with this words ”until next week may the love and grace of the Lord fall upon you”)




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