United We Stand Divided We Fall.

I really don’t know where to start because this has been going on for far too long now and in my opinion, it’s time for change. I have noticed how my neighbours have been isolated if I may put it, really now it’s either they don’t get paid for their craft or their brands are not on good marketing platforms like other brands from Capcity.

My biggest question is this if Winterveldt is a township in Pitori then why are artists who are from there mistreated and overlooked, when will this circus stop? Pretoria is made up of townships such as Winterveldt, Mabopane, Soshanguve, Attreidgeville, Mamelodi just to mention a few. It does not need to be looked up on google, this one is quite clear, bathong! This behaviour or norm is unacceptable!

If you not based in Pretoria then your hustle is not recognised. It pains me because everyone within the industry including myself has experienced such ill-treatment from promoters. Its either they don’t pay or salaries are not paid in full.  The aim of this article is to take a stand for such, no one deserves to go through this.  Regardless bafwethu keep pushing no matter what, we all learn the hard way and we have to pay our individual dues in order to succeed. Awards or events will come when God says so, even if you don’t achieve certain things have the certainty that it’s all in Gods time.

A few days ago I sat down with Millicent from The Babes a modelling agency from Winterveldt and Prodigenius a rapper from Lyrical Art also from Winterveldt. Here’s what they had to say about being ill-treated and overlooked.

Q. It’s a sad thing for Winterveldt because people think it’s this place that is lived by people who don’t have goals, dreams just because it has some history. How do you guys feel about that?


A. “It all changed now because we are the new generation and shaping it out. This thing of being isolated must stop instead we should support one another, Winterveldt has produced amazing musicians, producers, models, doctors the list is endless. Fact is Winterveldt rocks it has talent.” – Millicent “The Babes”

A. “Funny part Sgandi (Winterveldt) artists have a large following, promoters including our competitors fail to understand that, hence we always do our best to perfect our craft despite the ill treatment. Watch us performing and you will see what I mean” – Prodigenius


The Babes
Q. How did The Babes come about?
A. We were part of an agency but felt like it was not working out, so we decided to start our own agency that will allow us to do what we love the most which is modelling.

Q. How many members form part of The Babes?
A. Four amazing ladies from Winterveldt/Sgandaf namely Millicent, Lindiwe, Mantwa and Sibongile.

Q. What inspired you to start The Babes?

A. “As young ladies from Winterveldt we are motivated, our dreams are high, we believe in greater things and we want to empower the youth, we also want to be top models such as Tyra Banks.”

Q. How’s the industry thus far? The experience so far?
A. “The industry is amazing even though it’s tough at times because sometimes it’s hard to find gigs and sometimes you get rejected which is hurts, but again being rejected motivates us to work even harder.”

Q. Your career highlights so far?
A. “One of our babe Millicent was a SunBabe for March.
The group got a chance to be interviewed at TUT fm, we also got profiled by Daily Sun back in September 10th 2010 and we are planning to enter Miss Sundowns. Two of our babes were music vixens in Mono-T’s music video”

Lindiwe 074 366 6950
Millicent  060 478 4813


Q. Describe your sound.
A. Contemporary hip hop with a fusion of Sgandi music.

Q. How long have you been in the game?
A. From 2012 till present.

Q. I hear you’re involved in Genius Touch, please elaborate more on it.
A. It is a music duo consisting of a vocalist (Prodeginus) and a beatmaker (Touch).

Q. What’s your take about the music industry?
A. Its crap, it’s no longer about talent but who got the money, people be buying interviews & slots.


In closing I would like to say we need each other more than what we think we do, let’s all unite and stop treating each other bad. Pitori is the most talented place. Let me be the voice of the voiceless I hope I have done so!




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