October 12 began just like any ordinary Saturday with sunny skies and cheery sounds from birds emphasizing the beauty distilled in the day. Being the weekend as it was this automatically meant most people either had plans or were planning on doing so (excuse the pun). As I woke up in the morning I knew that this was going to be another busy day for me in the office or rather out of. Early in the week I had spoken to the founder of an agency and word was they were hosting auditions on the weekend and they would like Tsa_Pitori to be present so to cover the event.

The invitation was something I had hoped to arouse from the dialogue I had with the founder of this agency Tumelo Ntshwane. His agency was a newly founded initiative and he felt he was ready to put it to test by hosting his first auditions through his endeavour going by the name Beat the World agency. Basically the intentions of the auditions were to invite interested residents of Soshanguve to come and try out for a place in the entity either as models or presenters.

Beat the World is a management company which generally recruit young talent and offers training and management in the entertainment industry. The initiative was founded by Tumelo who had previously dealt in event management with a friend, but due to clashing visions for life had decided to part-ways and pursue different careers.  This led to the birth of Beat the world, on an interview with M.D.B Tumelo said “I hope to inspire young patrons to grow beyond limits and conquer their dreams”.

Beat the World was founded a month ago and through out this time it has been learning phase for this newly ungrounded agent and his accomplices. Tumelo further explained that what distinguishes this entity from other management agencies is the diversity they are planning to register through the talent they will choose for the company. The auditions were held at Lesedi Primary school in Soshanguve block XX on October 12, from 12pm-4pm (the original time was supposed to be from 12pm-2pm).

Being there in person allowed me the opportunity to access the doing first hand, that and the fact that I was asked to be the third judge after the other judge had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. When I had arrived earlier on the venue no large queuing crowds were outside as I had imagined the place to be, but I thought to myself this is the hood and most often than expected ‘people didn’t keep time when expected to attend a public get-together’.

But once things got underway promising talent kept revealing itself one after the other and this was really exciting to watch. I sincerely believe from the feedback I received from the other judges Max and Busi we had found what we were looking for and the long day was worth the endurance. Word from the management of Beat the World is other auditions will be held soon in other regions of Pretoria.

You can contact the agency through the info below.

Facebook is Tumelo Blue Tearz or send an email to tumiebluetearz@gmail.com



  • The judges at the auditions from left in a black t-shirt Max, Busi and M.D.B



  • Founder of Beat the world in a black t-shirt Tumelo and his business associate Bokang.





  • Some of the girls who attended the auditions.



  • The bouncer at the auditions Lesley.



  • The dj at the auditions.


By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B

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