It’s the festive season once again and the motto’s we leave by during this time of the year is YOLO (You Only Live Once) and #KeDezemberBoss so rightfully enjoy your holidays to the fullest but responsibly of course.

Various people celebrate their festive holidays in different ways from partying the whole week, to picnics, weddings and visiting distant families and relatives. Everyone who was out of town for work purposes or educational reasons will inevitably make their way back to the capital city likely to be using the infamous e-toll routes. What a warm welcome *sigh*.

Out of all the activities I’ve mentioned in my introductory part the youth is more into partying, which places alcohol as the most purchased beverage during this time of the season. Safety precautions that we tend to ignore when attending various events where alcohol serves as the centre of fun are:

  • Do not leave your car keys, purse/wallet and phone in plain view or better yet leave your phones at home.
  • Take condoms with you to avoid a night spent engaging in unsafe sex.
  • Invite a friend to tag along to the party you plan attending should you have one to many know your safe.
  • Do not at any point leave your drink unattended you never know who might be watching to wake up with regrets the next morning.

Two weeks ago I attended Pens down event hosted by Journalism students from Tshwane University of Technology at Kwasa Grill just outside the campus in Block H Soshanguve. Man oh man was it a night to remember, it was the mother of all parties. The festivities began at 5pm just as the ink dried out on their answer sheets.

Students swapped their sleepless nights spent studying in classrooms and the library for a good night out partying. The party went on until the wee hours of the next morning. It was so crowded some students opted to invade the streets as a platform to shake what their mammas gave them. Inevitably it led to traffic jams but most drivers were patient, shame.

By grace of the one above no accidents occurred, residents of Block H and surrounding areas were in their best behaviour. They partied safely to think that at first I was not keen on attending the celebration, as I was not in the mood to see drunken students and flying bottles.

The biggest mistake South African make is to spend a whole lot during December on things like Partying, travelling and buying gifts, to an extent that we forget TO SAVE. When January comes most parents are caught wanting as children are without stationary, uniform or even money to register at tertiary institutions because of negligent spending.

The government could help keep more people safe by targeting and assigning the SAPS to crime hotspots, patrol taverns for drugs and unnecessary violence fuelled by alcohol.

On to sadder news on Thursday the 5th of December 2013 South African’s and the rest of the world learned about the passing of former president Nelson Mandela. He died a peaceful death at his Houghton home at 20:50pm Condolences to his family, farewell father of the nation.

Hope you enjoyed my debut column *crossed fingers* till next week take care and God bless!!

By: Fanisile Nkuna

Edited By: M.D.B


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