Time for the Sosha Noble Kings to spread their wings and take their rightful place in the throne.



Coming from the infamous township of Soshanguve this generation of exceptional talent and skills we’re going to have to work extremely hard to realise their dreams to be established and respected musicians. Founded in 2009 by three friends who shared the passion for Rap music this unanimously resulted in the birth of SNK which is an acronym for Scream, Night-man and Kasper the founding members of the group. Fresh out of high school and recently other members having gained admission into higher institutions of learning this was unarguably going to be a few tricky years of their lives.

“We are fans of the game first and artist after”, this was the words from Kasper one of the founding members during the interview with Tsa_Pitori. Having to start from scratch with no background experience in the industry these three friends had a mountain to climb before them, but four years later it’s evident enough that their passion and friendship was strong enough to over-come any obstacle put before them. Obviously the was always going to be tribulations to over-come for this peers both internally and externally, but more than anything this was a test to their destiny.

At first they had to beg other people with the necessary resources to allow them the opportunity to come into their studios and record their music. As time went along it was evident that this approach was causing a strain on their creative juices and their music was suffering, thus they organised a few essentials and put together their own amateur studio which was a major leap leading to the expansion of their endeavour. This awarded them with the opportunity to learn to produce their own music and add their own flavour.



This group is still independent producing, marketing and promoting their own craft and the internet plays a major role in this endeavour.  Team work is very important for this crew and whatever decisions they make regarding the crew they make collectively. As time progressed from the formation of this group so have the group itself expanding into what they now dub a family, with the crew consisting of twelve members a great difference from how they began in their musical adventure.

When they initially began the crew was primarily focused in making their mark as a Rap group, but as time elapsed their vision expanded to greater heights and now they do collaborations with artist from different musical fields like RNB and House music. A founding member Kasper who’s also the group’s manager emphasized that SNK fuses kasi sound with some international panache resulting in a universal sound. This and the different languages they use make their music unique and a force to be acknowledged.

When asked what distinguishes this crew from other upcoming crews Kasper had this to say “every time we meet in the studio we  strive to give our best and maintain a positive energy but nothing exceeds the hard work each member of this family  portrays all the time when it comes to their craft”. He further said “our goal is to make good music and live the good life”, this young people are surely leading exemplary lifestyle and can surely be good role models in the near future for young people in their community.

They work with various producers in their craft including upcoming producers JB, Epidemic and Chubbaman. Their music and videos can be downloaded and viewed online the links are available below, or simply Google Sosha Noble Kings and get in touch and get a feeling of what they are offering. These young-men are a clear example and are leaving testimony that hard work is always rewarded and no action ever goes unrecognised.

For bookings and any enquiries concerning this group contact them @

0728087929: Kasper (group member and Manager)


Sosha Noble Kings @ Facebook


By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B

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  • November 12, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Well done Kassie….# came a long way guys n ya’ll r only gnna go further n dts da T.O.P#

  • November 27, 2013 at 9:01 am

    AWE!!!!! Thanks for puting sosha on the map guys.


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