Pretoria’s “The Hub” at Sammy marks square is the place to be, with free three (3) hours of uncapped internet services for those studying and working in the CBD. The Hub is a great deal of development and an opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs to research more and think creatively for their businesses. This business development aims to inspire and improve the lives of those who are unable to invent their business plans, to launch them and to seek advice from potential clients who are willing and able to assist young entrepreneurs’ the best way possible.

The Hub is a corporate place where bloggers, students and entrepreneurs will be allowed to meet and discuss ideas. It also offers rooms free of charge, without the added cost of paying rent or internet. The co-working space gives people an opportunity to work in a peaceful environment without any distractions. It also reduces the cost of expensive data and gives people a chance to invent their skills and talents with free daily Wi-Fi.

Business owner Lebogang Mokubela said he knew the challenges that come with starting, managing and producing a productive business development without any internet connectivity. “Young professionals and entrepreneurs in the city will no longer be seen at parks, restaurants and public spaces trying to tap into free WI-FI where they normally get 250MB of data daily. The Hub is the space to grow businesses and where young entrepreneur’s can meet to exchange ideas.

The Hub, which is situated on the second floor of Sammy Marks Square was launched with the assistance of Lemok Digital Agency. The business is situated in a space where there are many people every day and that presents an opportunity for The Hub to be publicly efficient. Young people from townships and students in the city will have the ability to meet prominent people. The conducive space decreases the pressure of renting office space and purchasing office materials for meetings.

Sammy Marks Squares marketing manager Caley May said free three hours of uncapped internet is not only for business but also for job applications, bursaries and completion of assignments. “Our customers would be provided with free uncapped internet which is a basic need. The cost of data each day is demanding but with this free quality services to our valued shoppers we are excited” said the Manager.

The Hub is here to give young South Africans an opportunity to think out of the box and invent more businesses, which would create more job opportunities and decrease the unemployment rate. Marish Khoza a student at the Tshwane University of Technology visited The Hub and said the place has enough space and it is peaceful and very innovative for fresh minds. “I wanted to explore as well as do some research, to tell the truth The Hub is very motivational and encouraging”

THE HUB Where Great Businesses are Born.



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