I love you baby but it just happened.

A phrase we all know way too well whether you’re saying it or hearing it but you just have to admit its all familiar. I bet one specific person leapt into you mind while dwelling on the above statement.

Infidelity is when a partner breaks your trust and betrays you but not just that also splits you heart almost apart. Yes it sure isn’t something pleasant to experience but it is something we all encounter or do, sometimes for reasons known to yourselves or for just being plain selfish.

Why should we cheat on the people we claim to love so much or with all of our hearts but still go out there in search of a guilty pleasure. Where along in a good relationship does it go wrong to still be “in love” with a person but get bored or lust for another person while disregarding how your better half may feel.

How along the way in a relationship does our conscience die and become so inconsiderate. We fail to comprehend that the wounds that are caused by cheating sinks deeper than being betrayed and hurt but goes in deeper as to cause a lower self-esteem, insecurity, and even body issues because we tend to think that maybe we just aren’t sexy or enough anymore.

I can’t help but wonder which sex cheats more women or men? I guess it would be safe to say men because they are notorious at it and sometimes bad. They mostly if not always get caught in action but woman too have now grown a reputation to be the slick cheaters for they play the cheating all too well. They barely get caught but end up confessing because the guilty got too much or they got bored of the extra and needed to come clean to end the fling they so deviously started.

With that said you need to understand that woman sometimes have legit reasons to cheat not necessarily saying that makes it right. Men mostly cheat for lust sake or just using a girl who thought she’s all that just to end up like any other easy girl.

Infidelity can sometimes be heart deep and not eye sight far, for some people do it because of demons of the past and can’t allow themselves to give their whole heart to just one person. Thus they try to spread themselves across multiple partners just to not end up heartbroken and hurt.

I’ll close this by saying no matter the excuse or reason cheating isn’t right, it may be fun and exciting but leaves a tremendous aftermath in the end. So let’s break the cycle and love our partners whole heartedly flaws and all and even through the ups and downs and if it still doesn’t work out just simply walk away, hearts heal.




Edited By: M.D.B

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  • March 28, 2014 at 12:56 am

    What exactly could be a legitimate reason for a woman to cheat? The mere fact that woman are so good with cheating it makes clear evidence that they are the mastermind in the lust lies department not men.


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