Ooh his cute, his sexy and oh his definitely my type of guy.

We may say what matters the most is what is inside but we tend to fall for the exterior first then only then do we get to know the inside of a person. It’s only then when feelings start to develop and that’s where a relationship or fling starts. But that’s not what I’ll be talking about on this given day, today I’ll be addressing that different kind of man that changes the game for you and what makes him the “it” guy.

Let’s admit we all want that tall, dark and handsome guy but that doesn’t spell original now does it? Anyway enough about what we girls want. I’m going to be talking about the guy most guys don’t like “the real gentleman’, now this is the guy that would make any typical guy look lame and needing to up his game. The real gentleman is a guy that will make you green with envy just by the way he’s BFFs (best friend forever) with your girlfriend.

This type of a man would make any kind of girl fall head over heels and not only just that but also make her truly believe in the existence of love. The man am talking about is the kind that pulls out chairs, cuts your meat for you, gives you his jacket when you feeling cold and has an intimate relationship with God putting him fourth before anything else in his life.

The real gentleman believes or should I say is all about ultimate grand gestures in romance like a dozen of flowers weekly, picnics in the park, cooking your favourite meals and doing everything you like with the outmost pleasure regardless of how he may dislike that activity. He values the principles of the relationship but don’t be mistaken this man is no push over and certainly not weak. So all you other guys busy shaking your heads thinking his pathetic should sit down and take note.

Although am not saying that this is thee perfect man, but I am saying he is the kind of guy every woman wouldn’t mind having. He treats any other woman like he’d want any other man to treat his sister or mother and that’s a winning recipe. Anyway ladies love the man that you with regardless of the flaws you may think he has because you are nowhere near perfect yourself but remember to never settle for less out of desperation and fear of being alone, same applies to you too men.

I’ll finish off by saying I wouldn’t mind me having the real G but knowing myself I’ll get bored his far too sweet for my sweet tooth to handle. Guys just try to be the best guy that you can be to the woman in your life and by that you’ll be the different kind of man to her and that’s all that matters.




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0 thoughts on “THE REAL GENTLEMAN.

  • February 21, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    I wish i had a Gentlemen like that but i get the wrong guys that they call themselves a REAL GENTLEMEN but don’t prove it, the go outside lying to the girls tell them how much they love them but he knows he has a wife.

  • February 21, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    I wanna be that guy.

  • February 23, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Too sweet for a man. Some ladies would just run. To find myself in this long term relationship with the lady I’m with might just prove that I am the man she wants. It sure feels good to be that.

  • February 28, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Aii Nthabi the man you meet need to baptized by the spirit of real manhood & gentlemaness , for they are simply still young man hearted who think they still got it, only to end up as jokes to society. You clearly deserve better!

    Mogami I hope you can become that guy and not just for the wrongs reasons neh *wink.

    Boikanyo u sound like a man really inlove but am glad you feel that way, for every King needs a Queen.


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