Roses are red and violets are blue, honey is sweet but not as sweet as you….

Ooh yes today I’m tackling the sweet and highly infatuated phase we all go through when we get into a brand new relationship which has us believing we have found the loves of our lives.

What a funny phase it is until it fades,  but that’s where the problem starts, thinking that the phase has to pass or fade. You are with the same person and still feel the same so why should the so called “honeymoon phase” pass. My opinion is that it’s  not supposed to end but should keep your relationship a blaze regardless of the trails and hardships you may encounter.

The honeymoon phase keeps the romance alive, the silliness, the dates, the secret language you invented between you two, the games you play because that’s what the honeymoon phase is all about, the cute and cloud nine stuff. So once that stops or fades then you start to worry because something is off and maybe feelings have changed

I say all this confidently because I know till this point you all somehow can relate. A person doesn’t become less attractive because they gained weight, love doesn’t change because you got promoted and sure as hell life doesn’t become too busy not to make time for your “better half”.

I mean how can a person be a better half when you treat them so wrong? Would the way you treat your current partner  make you happy if your brother or sister were to be treated the same way?

Now that I have you thinking about your relationship(s)shouldn’t you now wonder where it all got sour without you pointing any fingers because once you start pointing fingers, then I should start asking what have you done to change it?

Instead sit there and say to self “as from today I am no longer going to say remember how it was because now and then shouldn’t be different” if you still love your partner and still see them as beautiful or handsome or simply a blessing, then get your act together, because the worst thing you can do is not try to fix things.

Keep being silly, keep being weird, keep squeezing each other’s butts or licking each other’s faces cause in the end it’s not about what other people think or say what matters is you creating your world together and you doing it just as you want it. Yes you have to grow up, do it together not apart, for the differences that occur should only complement each other as individuals but not as a couple to different to be together.

So I say happy endless honeymoon phase and never let it phase out.




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