Well it’s that time of the week where I dish out nothing but the best of great infotainment straight from CapCity(capital city). Kindly check out fresh box below to find out why I featured Pimp Cash Entertainment from Soshanguve and the reason  I call them the future of hip hop.



Q. Hello and welcome to Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine.
A.Thanks for having us.

Q. Kindly tell us what Pimp Cash Entertainment’s all about?
Pimp Cash Entertainment has always focused on hustlers, people who want to make it to the top regardless of their situation, we are all about music, entertaining people and helping those who want to make it as far as music is concerned, basically we offer a stepping stone for upcoming artists.

Q.What’s your signature sound?
Our signature sound is motswako beats(produced by Sllec Beats) and American hip hop kinda beats(produced by Slowizi),we focus on those two sounds because as an artist you should have a signature sound because not doing so could cost your career.

Q. Elaborate more about Phenomenal Sessions taking place at Gigima Centre Block GG Soshanguve every Fridays?
A. Pimpcashent went into a partnership with DKR Squad to make these sessions happen even today we are still at it, the reason we started the whole Phenomenal Sessions is because we spotted a lot of talent here in CapCity so we thought ok since most of the youth is not exposed to such things like sessions and events why not bring the fun and a platform for artists to perfect themselves on stage before going out there.

Q. What’s the criteria for performing at Phenomenal Sessions?
A. You just need to come to Gijima Centre Block GG on Fridays before 19h00 to put your name on the performance list, you will either find TJ or Jaycee holding.

Q. Take us through the journey of Trials and Tribulations, I believe the project opened doors for you right?
A.TNT has been a blessing from God, we even call it “the new testament” because it changed everything, it opened doors we thought were impossible to open. Ok Trials and Tribulations is a mixtape by one of Pimp Cash’s very own Jaycee Rapaddict beats produced by TJ beats and recorded at TJ Records and Corner Joint records, the mixtape was released on the 28th of June 2014. Pimp Cash Entertainment is known to this very day, we had TNT tours known as “TNT Kasi to Kasi Tour”. We gave out over 1000 TNT mixtapes for free we now have 10 artists within Pimp Cash Entertainment (Jaycee Jayrex, Tg, Trayce, Bliss Capcity, Slowizi, Skilla, Twiz, Young initiate and Teekay la Zain) with TJ as the manager. There’s a crew of 8 members called Pimp Cash Fam which is also doing great all thanks to TNT.

Latest projects you guys are currently working on?
A. We’re currently working on 3 singles which will be released soon, we are also selling Push Soshville All Stars t-shirts

Q. What’s next for Pimp Cash?
A. A mixtape that features Jika boys and Bazooka aka Gunman(from Yizo Yizo).

Q. With so many band members, what makes you all disciplined and productive?
A. We understand each other, what the manager says we do, we realized that with discipline and humbleness an artist gets to be productive and work with different artists. All thanks to TJ, he knows how to keep an artist focused.

•••THE END •••

Booking Info:
Contact No: TJ on 0790224714 or Jaycee 0763869014
Facebook : Pimp Cash Entertainment SA

With that said I’m proud to say I’m happy to have witnessed Pimp Cash performance at the recent #mabopanediaboaevent and they brought it home. Their performance and style of delivering their craft got me thinking hard and I reached the conclusion that they are the future of hip hop. Being a band with many members, they are still efficient in terms of handling their brand, mind you they are young but yet pro active. They’re also working on Slowizi’s mixtape which will be dropping soon and Broz Stunna’s mixtape which will launch soon.

Allow me to love and leave you with the following words by Felicia Mabuza-Shuttle, a former talk show host, a philanthropist. “I’m bright, I’m blessed, I’m brave and I’m beautiful” say these words in the morning before you kick start your day.

Nothing but love, peace and God’s blessings upon you all.


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5 thoughts on “THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP.

  • March 30, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    wow so moving I luv pimp cash thy knw. tht and I bliv in thm thy are my bst of the bst lots of love for thm #PUSH and I knw thy are our future hiphop stars and legends # capcity:*:*

    • April 6, 2015 at 10:26 am

      Thanks for yals support and for that we gonna keep on doing good music to your ears. PimpCashFam

  • March 30, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    I love ur music guys keep up de gud work I believe u will b rocking dis b****

    I’m ur number 1 fan from
    Bontles big sister

  • April 2, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    thumbs up to pimpcash continue making good music

  • January 10, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    I am delighted that I observed this blog, just the right info that I was searching for! .


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