When the boss sent the message that we are taking a Christmas break. A part of me was happy that my family will have 24/7 of my undivided attention without the pc in front of me, while on the other hand a part of me was complaining that I won’t be writing for a week. It felt like such a long time. I missed you Tsa_Pitori readers and I officially declare this the 1st article of the year of the fashion and trends column for 2014.

I hope you all had a safe crossing to 2014 as a large number of accidents were reported over the festive season.

This idea came about whilst I was watching a talk shown on one of the local public broadcaster’s and saw a panel of guests speaking about sugar daddies/mommies. I was always aware of this concept but never paid too much attention to it. The first public speaker to vocalise her undying love for older men was Khanyi Mbau. She was a 20 year old (2006) who got married and had a baby girl with a 50 year old man Mandla Mthembu.

Some ladies have forever been doing it but didn’t have the confidence to come out and say it, but when Khanyi came along things took a turn. Once she started being comfortable with sugar daddies, sugar mommies then graced the scene and their scenario was called abo mama dating ama ben 10 (mothers dating young boys).

The tradition is you entertain the sugar mommies/daddies and in return they give you money, lots of it. Entertaining comes in different forms from going clubbing, shopping etc. The idea is to make them feel young, those that have dated this older people refuse to be called prostitutes as they say there is a golden rule of ‘no sex’ we just hang out, cuddle and listen to them as they complain about their husbands/wives.

To the class of 2013 you are heading to institutions of higher learning now, make the right decisions. You will come across many challenges and one that stands out is peer pressure. Your family might not afford to buy you a blackberry, an i-pad or that pair of vans’s etc. this doesn’t mean you must go out looking for a “sponsor” for those ¾ years your there. Contrary you should work hard to get that qualification so you can be independent.

You’re the author of your life story, what you choose to do with it is totally fine. The aim as we walk through this journey of what we call life is never to judge. Only the Director/one above holds the privileges to that right. Do what makes you sleep at night, just make sure your decisions are based on honesty which will not lead to you having a bad conscious at the end of the day.

A clever tip: if you are dating someone older than you, invest that money or better yet get an education so when days are dark you are taken care of.

As I conclude allow me to share my New Year’s resolution. I would love for Tsa_Pitori gaining more visits, think we can make that happen? I’m counting on you to make my resolution a success. It’s 20-4-me people #Abashwe




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