It’s that time again when we shower you with an edition filled with infotainment and this month is no different. Our goal with this edition is to show you that you can be successful in all departments of your life, if you are willing to work hard enough. What do we mean by success or rather how is it measured you might be wondering, well I would like to think success begins with you staying true to yourself, chasing your dreams by any means necessary.

On this edition of your most reliable source of local content we focused on organizations and events that impact our everyday life including, culture, love, technology and lifestyle.  I will use an event we were invited to in making my point; Kasi Flea Market is a brain child of JELLYTOTS PARTY DÉCOR & EVENTS.

The event was held in Phillip Stadium Block L and the boss lady at Jellytots Party Décor and Events “Tumi” had this to say about the event “I came up with the idea for this event after speaking to multiple associates who run SME’s and realizing that their biggest challenge was the fact that we had very few if any occasions of this nature in our townships”.

Now the point I am trying to bring across is that most entrepreneurs and SME’s are so concerned with living the good life that we end up missing the opportunities available to us. This event taught me that if we were to work more as a collective as SME’s we would then easily penetrate the market we’re focused on. Everything in life is dependent on cohesion in order to can unfold flawlessly.

Like I said from the get go “working together we can do more” this is no political agenda or propaganda but rather the secret every successful person has learned and adopted as their way of life. A friend of mine likes reciting the phrase “team work makes the dream work”.

I have no doubt likewise you will enjoy and learn more about Pitori and life in general through this edition. Life is a journey so make sure you enjoy the ride. Let me take this opportunity to say shout-out to organizations like Jellytots Party Décor and Events for being the change they want to see in society shout out to you for taking the opportunity and time to read your most reliable source of local content #Ladijaja?



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