We aim at driving big luxury cars, living in mansions and having enough cash to blow on petty things. Isn’t that all we dream of. It’s every one’s dream to be successful and live a happy and progressive life.

We all have that self born need to be wealthy and live the life we have always wanted but this doesn’t come easy because money doesn’t grow on trees and neither does it rain from the skies. We all have to work hard for whatever we want and need and so we try and come up with different ways to make it big.

Some of our plans seem to be moving in the direction we point at and some just take their own way. Either way we try every single day to make sure that our plans don’t fail. But because there are always ups and downs in life sometimes we just come across road blocks, and high mountains and only the strongest will be able to survive. The question remains whether we strong enough to stick with whatever plans we had up until we reach our goals?

Some of us go to school and try getting an education so that we could have a better life. Some of us try opening our own businesses and some simply try and search for employment. The government is trying to introduce different methods of helping people succeed but is it enough? If it is enough how come we still have so many unemployed youth in our country? Many of these young people are qualified in various fields that can be of benefit to our country but still they are not given recognition instead they are sitting home with their knowledge and skills. No wonder we ask what’s the use of going to school if you are still going to be jobless even after many years of sweat?

Some people try and use their qualification to good use by volunteering in their communities and giving help where it’s needed. At the same time they still struggle because they have no income and still there’s no support from our government’s side. So how do you try and keep everything together when you come across situations like these? These kinds of situations might lead to one resorting to wrong methods of succeeding some sort of redistribution of wealth, which is commonly known as crime. People are different and some just think that crime is the only way out.

“I am not going to harm anyone, I am just going to take what I need and go” that’s the idea but at the end things go wrong and you find yourself having to do things that are against your belief but because of the need to succeed you end up fighting your conscious. We do whatever that is expected from we and some of the things are not good things. Taking some one out is not Child’s play but unfortunately you only realise this when the work is done and in this situation what’s done is done and there’s absolutely nothing they can do to undo it.

Some of us just need to thank God because we have been fortunate enough to find our passion and stick with it. We live our dreams and we are proud of our achievement, that’s great. God has showered us with his rain of blessings so I think we should just stick to praying.

But one thing we should know is that being successful doesn’t mean that you are god. It doesn’t mean that you can treat every any way you want just because you can do it. Yes you are successful now but you never know what the future holds, the same person you look down on with disrespect and disgust will one day be in your shoes and you will be walking barefoot.

Success doesn’t come easy. It only requires patience and lots of support from our peers, our community and the government. Crime can only pay you for a certain period of time but sooner or later you will pay, remember that in this country nothing goes unpunished and no one is bigger that life.

A lot of us give up to early and we say that we have failed but the honest truth is that we should learn to hold on just a little longer. Most of people gave up while they were just one step from reaching their goals, so they turned back and said it’s impossible to achieve certain things.

I don’t remember anyone saying that taking a stride towards your dreams will be easy, so go out there and fight life till the very end, you owe it to yourself.




Edited By: M.D.B

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