Spring fiesta. The sweet joys of a sunny day.

I was walking down the road with a good friend of mine holding a sweater on my left hand and my laptop bag on the other hand. It suddenly struck me, and not that I wasn’t somewhat aware already but with unanticipated magnitude it came to mind that we were at the edge if not yet in duress of arguably the most celebrated season of them all.

I’m quite sure you all know which season is that to emphasize my ignorant generalisation. Yes you got it right the first time, it is spring that which am referring to. Maybe my perception is influenced by the environment that I grew up in or maybe I’m simply being bias and blocking out probable rationality. But since I was a young boy roaming the dusty (later tar) streets of Soshanguve the most memorable moments usually occurred @ this apparent time of the season.

Reminiscing of such days different high velocity flash backs rush through my cerebellum sparkling a ticklish feeling and suddenly a silent smile embracing the feeling. As I write this article the countdown to the infamous spring day has already begun and inevitably people within the streets are having dialogue and engagement regarding their plans for the day.

Within the townships and most streets of Pretoria/Tshwane people usually celebrate spring day with a momentous event where generally the youth splash water on their peers and vice versa. This indicates the feeling of collectivism and friendliness deeply instilled within the hearts of this person(s) for each other. Although over the past few years motivated youngsters have taken it a step further and most senior citizens within the township have started to condemn the festival or culture if you like.

This is in regard to some senior citizens being the victims of this celebration having water splashed all over their work uniforms. Although I personally agree with the senior citizens when they say the practise should be between the youngsters and their peers and not involve them in such tendencies, I also believe as wrong as the crossover of the celebration from young to senior may appear we need to remain open minded that all this comes from a good place and no harm is so whatever intended.

However it would be incomplete if I spoke about spring day and not mention spring bashes. This is somewhat the ultimate highlight of the season, all fun loving, party rocking and out-going youngsters are sure to be associated with a specific event happening during this season and most-probably within Tshwane. Bashes like Bundu inn spring bash, Three yards party and the most anticipated first annual spring bash hosted at the resort at block xx are but the least of what is to follow. But like the title to this article this is just ‘the sweet joys of a sunny day’, we hope that this season will present you with the brightest opportunities and be the shiniest star in all you do.

Some of the events to look forward too during the next few weeks.



  • Recently having taken the entertainment scene by storm The Soil are one of the many gigs looked forward to by mix audiences. With their uncommon fusion of genres into one this gives them the leverage to attract different crowds.

Image Image

  • Another crowd’s favourite unarguably has to be yet another new kid on the block Ifani. His funny, entertaining and unique rhyming style has seen him win over the hearts of young and voluptuous followers. Cap city will be spoilt rotten with his album promotions currently underway.


  • This event  promises to be a crowd puller with clear skies leading the way and a packed line-up like this one no doubt  crowd’s will be filling this pozzie.


  • This event has somewhat become a culture in the past few years with the large recipient of attendees. Being hosted annually featuring wave making artists this event is certain to be one of the most anticipated gigs for the season.


  • Another anticipated event has to be the Soshanguve spring break. This event promises to be a cracker and compete with some of the greats events which have become most followed at this time of the season if not annually.

This is just the beginning of greater things to come, remember it’s that time of the season so put on those shorts, sunglasses and a bit of sunscreen and lets go have a jol.

By: M.D.B

Edited by: M.D.B

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