What is the first thing you do when you wake up? After opening your eyes of course, well I check my phone if there any messages and I am very sure I am not the only one in this boat. According to a research done by new media trend watch it shows that about 8 500 000 people use the internet on a daily basis which accounts for 41% of South Africa’s population.

With the majority of the people accessing the internet being around the ages of 15 and 24 it comes as no surprise that the net will likely be used as a social commentary. Mediums like Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Whatsapp and many others are accessed every single day.

I was first introduced to social media in 2007 along the times when Mxit was on its peak. Mxit is a free instant messaging application, “It has 7,4 million active subscribers of which 6,3 million are in South Africa”-Wikipedia.

As much as technology is a blessing and made our lives easy, the effects of it hit us hard, this era is a sad one as people rely highly on internet. On special days like birthdays, people opt to write a message on one’s Facebook wall than to simply give that person a call or visit them. Social media can also be destruction to those who work or study. A student might be in library studying but as soon as they hear PING! They drop whatever they are doing and shift their attention to the message on their phone screen.

But as mentioned above that the internet can come handy, with students being given assignments frequently they use Google to assist them with their school work. Wi-Fi sections around the campus also make the job easy for students. The problem though arises when we take someone else’s work and present it as our own which is known as Plagiarism or copy and paste something most institutions do not take lightly.

We rely so much on this source of information that any word, name, place etc. thrown at us we immediately opt to Google it.

What people need to be careful off is to write defamatory content about their employees which in return could get them fired. Some companies will search for your account on Facebook before hiring you to check your social status and if you’re a suitable candidate for the position. So be careful of what you write on these pages, it could cost you a job.

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