Scandal, back stabbing, secrets and fights all in the name of family.

It all starts with a simple why should he or she be treated any different we are from the same womb after all.

We love to hate the little green monster in us that makes you envy or hate on someone or something because of insecurities. But you just can’t help it because all you see is green.

To further go into today’s topic which maybe a bit sensitive to some readers but it just has to be addressed because it’s far too strange for siblings to be at war due to feeling a little green or a simple misunderstanding. Whatever happened to sitting down and talking things through?

Are parents the real reason behind the rivalry because at times parents may come across as having a favourite between their children?  If so is the case why is that they do not realize that it creates tension within their kids? But let’s not be too quick to put the entire blame on our parents because sometimes the differences can be brought on by generational gaps in between the siblings. However I feel this matter is far complex than we admit and it might be influenced by multiple factors which need a thorough analysis and observation.

In the end of it all we’re merely just human beings with emotions who happen to be siblings so I assume conflict and tension was always going to be a factor in between individuals as a whole and not just in sibling’s right? But with that being said shouldn’t such ’emotions’ be a little bit neutral for those of the same womb because that technically makes us cut from the same cloth making us more alike than apart.

I guess that it gets hard when you see your brother or sister succeeding more than you when you know you worked just as hard as they do but why the need to compare. Sure competing is only natural and healthy but there’s no need to compare when you should be happy that you’re brother or sister is doing well in life. But then it gets so hard when you try to be happy for that person when your mother is constantly on that tip of “you should be more like your brother or sister”.  It puts you in the shadow of that person, the true root to the rivalry, never seen for the effort you put in to also make your parents proud.

Yes it’s hard to go by life feeling second best but I say let us learn to be more content with what we do or bring fourth in our families, regardless of the limited appreciation or acknowledgement from our parents so that the future generations can be at peace and be a united front.




Edited By: M.D.B

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