“A relationship is a way in which two or more people are connected”- Wikipedia. in this instance we are talking about two human beings who are smitten with each other. This is a time where humans get attached to each other and as their relationship unfolds they are most probably going  to do activities together. It is my opinion that couples who participate in same activities are likely going to last than those who just exchange phone calls or text messages, basically going the traditional route of being in a relationship.

What are the secret ingredients of a healthy committed relationship?
1) Do a lot of outdoor activities together such as going to the zoo or  a picnic at the park for your anniversary . If you wondering why the emphasis on ‘outdoor activities’ it’s because if a man can show affection in public it means he’s for keeps. meaning he’s not ashamed of you and perhaps sees a future with you.
2) Entertain what’s important to one other, if you love shopping invite him to the mall  , this will give him an opportunity to take part in an activity that’s important to you.  watch football with him, Yes (yawns) it’s that time again, so for the remaining 3 weeks try to be glued to the screen. And don’t ask silly questions such as where is the World Cup hosted?. Do your research and surprise him with football facts he’ll love you more. It’s not cheating it’s called just utilising your resources. Admit it we all love and are obsessed with google, gents included.
3) Be willing to learn from each other. Teach him how to cook your favourite meal or how to make your favourite dessert and in return he might show you how to play snooker or play golf.

There is obviously a lot of ideas on how to keep a relationship healthy and make it stronger and stronger each day. The tips provided are just an outline of what could make the foundation strong. Of course you still need love, respect etc. to make it work. Keep this in mind, when efforts are showed from both parties it will prove that you are equally committed in making the union work despite  your differences.


I’m not saying take whatever Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt acted out in Mr & Mrs Smith and apply in your relationship, rather  Be spontaneous, you are  the one who knows what tickles your man’s fancy  and vice versa. Use that to your advantage and watch as romance smoothly rolls-out. Note this: a relationship is not a romantic movie. Create your own Romeo and Juliet story line.




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