Sleeping with your senior has recently become one of the ways to get to the top. And you know what makes it successful? The reason that there is someone out there who is willing to give you that position in exchange for affection. Many people argue that it’s impossible to find a 30 year old female COO in a corporate company; this comes with the stigma that females cannot hold such high positions. It’s impossible.

What happens if you’re senior promises you a job or a promotion with the catch being sleeping with him. Run away as fast you can even. Surely every company has its own rules and ethics that bind their employee’s. And in most instances the employer employee relationship is forbidden. If you are caught up in this debacle, and your boss is persistent on the “promotion deal” and you feel there is no way out, rather take it to the board. Yes it will be his word against yours but at least you took a stand for fellow females who are forced to go under such unwillingly.

The disadvantages of it all includes: firstly the awkwardness in the office, especially if you are in the same department. Secondly should you miss deadlines and he starts making rants in the office, this is not because he resents you but mainly because he is the sailor of the ship and he wants thing to run smoothly. Although you on the other hand will feel as if he is torturing you based on what happened between you. Any idea what shall happen next? It will also make co-workers catch on that there is some tension between the two of you.

Thirdly matters will become worse should he get a new girlfriend right in the office. The thought of you seeing them together every day could lead to you not looking forward to going to work every morning. Although you know it was meant as a business transaction, but you know us ladies and sex. We become emotionally attached to that person.

On to a serious point and this is for the gents, should it be that she refuses to sleep with you and wants to keep her job. She can file for sexual harassment. How’s that for serious implications.

Imagine the drag of you two going head to head in court. I agree corruption is everywhere we recently learned of some official from the SABC who faked his matric certificate, but I say instead of using corruption to gain access to a company. Rather do it by the book, the old fashioned way. Get your degree, apply for a job, HR reckons your CV is best amongst the rest, calls you for an interview, you get assessed by the board and after a week you get called for training. And voila! The job is yours. I know job hunting is exhausting especially if you have been applying but nothing comes up. It could lead to such resolutions but try as hard as you can to avoid such situations from occurring.

On the brighter side, ask yourself this. How many times will you have to sleep with men to get that job/position?




Edited By: M.D.B

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