Who are you?? Can you genuinely say you know who you are?


We can’t really say we know who we are until a certain age or point in life that’s a given, it’s even proven. We actually have to go through different stages to eventually get to a point where we can say Hi am Dave and am an addict.


So with that said it automatically allows us to mess up, do mistakes, be jerks and do whatever we want or would like to try out. But eventually you need to outgrow all those to finally get to what you comfortable with being, because it’s a journey to get to such a wise point.

We need to take pride of all the scars and wounds that unfortunately come with trying to find ourselves.


But with discovery especially self-discovery comes a lot of fun and carnage because we don’t really care about certain things we just do what we want and act as we please.

Self-awareness is very important for it grows and develops a person as a whole. That is why with every stage you might go through you need to learn something from it and also understand as to why you found yourself at that certain point of departure. Yeah it sounds complicated but what in life isn’t complicated at first right?

The whole journey gets hard because some people get so fixated at trying to imitate what other people are doing and succeeding in that they lose their own sense of self-actualization or even worse they get hung on trying to fit in with the latest trends and peer-pressure. How does a person get to a point where dealing with reality is hard? Do we blame movies or society or people’s expectations on what and where you should be at certain milestones in life?

Self-awareness is more about growing up and growing into your true self physically, mentally, spiritually and characteristically more than anything that people may think. Honestly there’s no right or wrong way to getting to know yourself and there’s nothing more I can add on to tell you how to go about it. I too am on the journey to self-awareness but what I will end on saying is stay in your own lane and run your own race.




Edited By: M.D.B

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