South Africa’s first robotic surgery system has been launched, the robot will help individuals operated on heal rapidly thus returning to their normal lifestyle quickly. The system is dubbed The Da Vinci surgical system, and is well suited for complex and delicate surgeries such as the removal of the prostate gland. The system nicknamed- Umthombo (meaning everlasting fountain in Zulu) marks a new era in hi-tech health care.
Urologist Dr Lance Coetzee said that robotic surgery technology had grown to an extent across the globe that in the US 83% of radical prostate surgery was now undertaken with this technology. In the UK the were 36 such robotic surgeons. This machine will reduce risk and allow for consistency to be achieved when life threatening surgeries have to be performed. This is a world class technological innovation he further emphasized.
The machine was launched at The Urology Hospital in Pretoria, and shall commence on October 21 in and around Pretoria. “This new technology means a patient shall be back in work after two weeks, rather than six”. The robotic technology would help take certain surgical procedures to another level due to its advanced technology-Said Thomas Dunbar, MD of earth medical, part of the Litha healthcare group which distributes The Da Vinci robotic technology in South Africa.
Dean Fosset also from Earth Medical, said the robotic surgical system could be used could be used for various other procedures but would be commencing with urological surgery. At The Urology Hospital Managing director Sarel van der Walt, said the technology would result in less blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays and the quicker return to normal daily activities.

By: M.D.B

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Source: Source-Sapa.

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