This day was definitely a moment the Makhubo family were not looking forward too; it was proved by the kind of emotions observed in the atmosphere. Community members gathered at Block G to bid farewell to motor spinner Bongani Raymond Makhubo who passed away on the 5th of September after being ill for a while. RBM as he was famously known was laid to rest in Block P’s cemetery.

His love for cars was inherited from his father who was a mechanic which led him to have interest in motorbikes, spinning cars and being involved in the taxi sector.

My first interaction with him was when there was a tournament at Sosh Spin Kingz Palace when I interviewed Tshepang (his business partner at SSK) about the outcome of the event. I remember spotting Bongani from a distance with his son in the passenger seat. “I’m a man that definitely loves the smell of the burning German machine tyres”, as he would say.

Various people attended the funeral from his colleagues in the taxi business, the bike club and his fellow car spinners. The outcome showed that he was a people’s person.  After the burial service off we headed to Spin City for spinners like Jeff James to burn the tyres for “MR Shake Shake” one more time. We would like to take this moment and say R.I.P. RBM.

To his family and friends we extend our sincere condolences.



Edited By: M.D.B

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