Greetings friends of Mawisa, it’s that time of the week when I dish out another exciting installment of #kasivibes on the hottest hub of infotainment in Pretoria @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. Today we are honored to be chit chatting with the princess of deep house music, the ever well dressed lady deejay, who’s always at her “A” game in terms of delivering her sets. Yes I’m talking about none other than DJ MLB. Stay glued to the fresh box below.



Q. Welcome to Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, it’s a great pleasure to be hosting you.
A. Thanks for hosting me.

Q. First and foremost explain to us, who is DJ MLB and what does DJ MLB do?
A. DJ MLB a house DJ, she is one of the few female DJs in Pretoria in the deep house scene.

Q. Kindly tell us how your experience has been thus far being a lady DJ in this male dominated and competitive industry.
A. Being a female DJ can be challenging when you start because there are a lot of opportunities for exploitation. But as time goes on and you start building a brand, it becomes easy because you get booked solely for your skills. My experience was a bit rocky but not for long, I met a few people who pushed me in the right direction.

Q. What are some of the projects you’re working on this year?
A. I am currently busy getting an enterprise off the ground. There will be a couple of branches from the enterprise as I plan on getting it into all types of media. But that’s a topic for another day.

Q. What’s your perspective on the constant debate between deep house heads and mainstream music house heads, that the other house genre is better than the other one?
No house genre is better than the other, people’s tastes are different. I may prefer deep and you mainstream, but ultimately music speaks to our souls differently.

Q. If you were not a DJ, what career path would you have chosen?
A. By profession, I am a procurement specialist and Deejaying is something I do over the weekend. I am an artistic person so if I wasn’t chasing paper, I’d be a fine artist specializing in print making and glass art. Or a live music jazz performer.

Q. Who inspires you?
The one person who inspires me in this industry is Dj Divalash. She is the hottest DJ on decks. She is a hustler as well as a motivator. She overcame all the rumors, stigma and stereotypes. She is still going strong, definitely an inspiration.

Q. What do you do to stay relevant as a lady DJ?
A. When a person books DJ MLB they already know what to expect from the speakers. Staying in your lane and meeting desired expectations makes the brand stronger.

Q. What’s to be expected at the 7th Annual DJ MLB Birthday Party?
A. My 7th annual party is going to be off the hook as usual. Expect a night filled with good music, great people and a lot of happy times.

Q. To those that look up to you, what motivation can you share with them?
Always keep your eyes glued to your goal. Be determined, work hard to reach it and never give up. The aim is not to get there quicker than sbanibani(someone) but it is to complete the race.

Q. What type of music do you listen to if you not at a gig?
A. I personally listen to alternative rock. It makes me feel supernatural.

Booking Info
Facebook: Lady MLB
Instagram: malebo_leigh
Twitter: @mlb-rockster

••• THE END •••

I remember when I started out in the entertainment industry, I used to travel as far Limpopo and Rustenburg with Dj MLB as I was DJ Divalash’s PA. Believe you me when I say she was highly respected for her craft, always left patrons begging for more. Indeed dynamites come in small packages. Look at her after all those years she’s still at it. Truth be told a lot of lady DJs are exploited on daily basis because it’s a male dominated industry. But to stand out and be at the forefront, persistence and hard work is required. With that said the petite DJ MLB had her fair chance of sharing the stage with Dmpacket, Franky Soul, Divalash, SoulBee, Just T, Groove Candi, Lady DK  to mention a few. She also dominates mainstream airwaves such as the likes of TUT FM and Ukhozi FM. I hope you will also make way for her upcoming 7th Annual Birthday Bash.

Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessing upon you all.
Until next week.


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