Pregnancy is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Well it is especially if you and your partner have been waiting long for that bundle of joy, but here’s a catch being pregnant places a lot of strain on the mother to be. Stress, worries about whether the pregnancy is going to go well or not and finally, the mountain of it all, weight gain.


Most women fall victim to the shameless weight that firstly puts itself in their small bodies during pregnancy and a lot of ladies worry about how they are going to get back to their prenatal bodies after birth. Well my ladies do not worry a lot, because today’s column is dedicated to those of you wonderful mothers.


I am sure most of you have been asking yourselves if it’s perfectly safe to exercise while pregnant, well ladies I’m pleased to report that exercising while pregnant is perfectly safe provided that you visit your physician to advise you on which exercises you are supposed to perform and which to avoid.


Most of you are scared of exercising while pregnant but the truth of the matter is that you stand to gain more from exercising while you are pregnant. I’m sure you fabulous women are wondering what’s there to gain if it’s not body fat. Well no need to worry my fabulous ladies, I have decided to look out for you and just give you a list of the benefits you can get from exercising during pregnancy.


As promised here is the list of benefits of exercising during pregnancy:


Helps reduce back pain by strengthening and toning muscles in your bums, thighs and back.

It reduces constipation by accelerating movement in your intestines.

Prevent wear and tear of your joints.

Exercise makes you sleep better and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Exercise can also help you look better by giving your skin that healthy glow.

It helps prepare you and your body for birth.




You ladies think that’s enough how about the bonus?

If you exercise while you are pregnant you get to gain less fat and it’s also easy for you to get back to your pre-birth body.

Pregnant and worried about weight gain? No need to worry you know what to do now, get in there and keep yourself and that bundle of joy fit and healthy.


Stay Fit!




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