As we come to the conclusion of each year most of us tend to relieve the memories of the events that took place in our lives for most of that very same year. We reminisce of the joys, heartbreaks, accomplishments and obstacles we have survived. I’d like to think each one of us has the will to conquer their destiny barred in their hearts, thus we strive to be by the best. I’ve never met a man who wish not to be the best whatsoever he/she pursue. The question I’d like to raise is do you plan to be the best or choose to be the best?

As we are celebrating the cheers of the festive season, we are likely to be reaching for those unwritten resolutions lists. We look at what we have achieved and what we have failed to achieve, we plan for the New Year with the hope things will go in favour of us this time around.        

I’d like for us to observe this random culture and try analysing the relevance of resolutions as an approach to the immediate future. What exactly do they signify in setting the tone for the upcoming year and how do they benefit us when we follow them and by all means stick to them?

My first instinct sees no fault in setting them after all there are some people who could do with an extra shift of energy and proper planning to keep their lives in accordance and stay on track ( a sense of direction). I for one do not set them as I have never seemed to stay true to them guess am that spontaneous.

But for all those who live by them my question is do you set them to gain a sense of belonging the upcoming year, do you set them to fit in with the norms of society or do you simply set them because your looking forward to all the hopes, dreams and the unknown of what’s to come?

I struggle to understand how you can keep to the same planned routine for the entire year and not sway out of direction. But at the same time if you can forge a way to stay on the right route and separate your wants from demands then they can be fruitful. As for those who don’t try or fail to live up to their goals it would seem pointless to make resolutions.

But if you’d just take a moment to really think about it, how can planning your life/future ever be pointless? Resolutions are like goals no matter your argument we all have them, whether it’s hitting that ideal weight or getting that promotion you’ve always wanted or even going to that holiday you’ve always dreamt off it’s simply a resolution.

At the end of it whether we keep at it or not due to whatever reasons we try to come up with to justify why we abandon or postpone those resolutions, we continue to set those goals and pray to whatever gods there may be to keep us steadfast on them.

So when you set those resolutions remember that you’re the author of your life story and you are what you think. Allow me to tell you that ‘Impossible is nothing’ and never allow anybody to tell you it can’t be done, if you really want it then go get it.

As we make that cross over compliment it with a suitable turn over.




Edited By: M.D.B


  • December 21, 2013 at 11:30 am

    On point miss Basi Tlou. Right on


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