We live in a society where popularity is highly valued than originality. Young people grow up with the mentality that the only way they can succeed is if they followed the norms of society and continue from where their predecessors left off. Only a selected few have the courage to defy unwritten laws of the environment they live in and pursue their real calling. Tonight we look at a young talent that chose to be the author of his own life-story regardless of the reception he was to get.

If words have the ability to make or break a person then rather the former than the latter, this is what influenced the rise of P-SLEASH. “My love for music and poetry came to life after realising that with my music and poetry I can bring positive change to our society because people tend to take what they hear on records to heart” says P-SLEASH.


It was in 2007 when he first discovered his passion for performing arts. At first he struggled with finding studio’s to record his poetry and music but this didn’t discourage him. He was in love with poetry and with or without a studio he was going to pursue this calling. At first the trick was to build some hype for him-self and this meant hustling for gigs to perform at and reside his craft from heart since none of his stuff was yet recorded.

After performing close to three years without any recorded projects, things took a positive turn when he met his first producer Dj SDHOGO. This was a positive turn around for his career; hence working with someone who had valid knowledge of the entertainment industry could only result in great things for the young talent.


This was the beginning of a complete turn around from how his career began. In not too long he was now reaping the rewards for his persistence and commitment. He has previously been invited to perform at events with great receptions including one hosted by Soshanguve Community Radio at Jubilee mall. He has also shared the stage with acts like the Crazy Entertainers, Sosha Finest and Tedimoza just to mention a few.

It’s always going to be tough to break through in the industry as an aspiring artist and P-SLEASH has had his fair share of the tribulations. He recollects how he used to attend shows only to end up not performing, a result of being undermined by other artists. On other occasions he couldn’t even attend particular shows because of lack of transport fees or being sabotaged by other Dj’s making his production sound poor.

“I told myself that I was not going to let challenges get the better of me, I created a room for disappointment taking into consideration that not everybody wants to see me succeed” says SLEASH.


Isaac Percy Mabasa is a 20 year old from Soshanguve Block T. as a boy Isaac attended Kgotlelelang Primary School before he moved to Funekile Secondary School and finished off at Elizabeth Matsimela High School. His hobbies has always been writing poetry and reading books but now there’s nothing he enjoys more than being in the studio and being creative.

P-SLEASH is still an independent artist but is closely associated with TSHWANETAINMENT RECORDS. He has worked with a lot of aspiring talent including Chicks, 7vn, 3lyrical soldiers, Sandra and The sisters just to mention a few. He is an active artist and you can catch him performing at most local events. To get hold of his material simply find him at WWW.KASIMP3/SLEASH.


His future plans are endless but he’s currently planning and in the process of forming a new group. The group basically will entail a fusion of afro pop and poetry resulting in a genre called afro-poetry. He looks forward to working on many more projects in the near future thus spreading his wings even much further.

If you want to keep track of this talented youngster simply follow him on twitter under the handle @SLEASHPOETS or find him on Facebook under the username P SLEASH POETS and for all bookings and further info send him an E-mail at P-SLEASH@GMAIL.COM

At the end of the day there is no good deed that goes unrewarded so SLEASH can expect great things to come his way. It always brings a smile to my face when I come across youth like this one, who are dedicated to pursuing their dreams and not paying to much attention to what anybody else has to say. At the end of the day only you know what you want in life, and like a wise man once said “anything worth keeping comes with a lot of sacrifices”.


By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B

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