There is no other love like a mothers love for her child especially her baby girl.

They are the core of our existence, they can sometimes drive us crazy, and they are also full of commands and orders. Yep that’s our mothers strong, beautiful, insightful and inspirational. What would we be without them in our lives?

We as girls know the importance of our mothers more than anything. Even through the ups and downs of our sometimes fragile relationship. But we can’t argue that it is a very vital relationship to have as a young girl or lady, for you to be a mother.

Let me get in depth of this eventful topic. We firstly need to understand that our mothers were once girls, they were once moody, temperamental teenagers we once were, then became young ladies and then wives who became the mothers you know today, so that means they most probably went through some of the very same experiences you went through at those stages, it may have been different times but same scenarios if not the same consequences.

They too at some point in life thought they knew it all or are being misunderstood by everyone. This is why they become over protective over their baby girls from the moment they are born. Because they know what to expect and even though their experiences may’ve not all been bad but they wouldn’t want their baby girls to feel the hurt, hardships and tears of this life. It’s suprising how we as daughters never understand why our parents worry about us.

Our mothers also need to understand that no matter how much they try to keep or hide us from the world, we will eventually grow up and have to face the world and experience our very own trials, tribulations and tears.

I bet we still wondering why this relationship is so complex while it is still so similar at most stages. Is it because we are females and as females we naturally don’t get along. Can it also be that we as daughters just get frustrated by our over baring mothers, who just never really ease up on their high expectations, dreams, hopes and goal for us? The life they expect us to live, the job they want us to have even up to the men we’re supposed to marry.

Nonetheless this is a bond of no other measures of which the depth of it can’t be reached. We are basically the offspring of our mothers’ existence and they are the pillar of our strength. The sculptors of the young woman we are today because without even noticing it they mould us through every step of our lives. Even when we think we are independent they play us like a fiddle and that’s what make them phenomenal.

As we get older this relationship blossoms and we get to understand each other more and all the “argh!”, “whatever’s” and eye rolling turn to I love you mom and thanks for everything.

In the end what can I say it’s a girl thing *wink*.




Edited By: M.D.B


  • April 15, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Thanks for making it clearer to us guys. Appreciated


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