There is an old saying that goes something like “Do what you love and you will never work a single day in your life”. You’re probably wondering to yourself what is it I’m trying to emphasize by quoting this phrase. Well for one the point I’m trying to make is that money might assumingly run the world but your passion in life is priceless. It’s just unfortunate now our days we tend to lead our lives focused on accumulating wealth, and paying less attention to our calling just to put it vaguely.

However we are living in a digital world and like I always say to my friend’s revolution shall be televised. Part of the crowd that will be headlining events when such happens will without doubt be the most daring youth of today who choose to take a gamble and follow their dreams. Obviously everyone dances to their own tune in life but tonight I present to you a different melody all together, a great mind and future superstar ladies and gents I give you Dj Mo’Carlo.


Growing up in Mabopane the lad attended a lot of gigs hosted around his area and like most this is how his affection for the craft came about. At first it was just the craft of mixing and captivating people’s emotions through song selections that fascinated the lad. This led to him making the means to learn the craft himself fortunately coming from an area rich in this form of craftsmanship it wasn’t a tough ask to find someone who could take the lad under their wing.

In 2010 the lad alongside a few friends they came with a concept that would help create buzz around their craft and gain the necessary streetcred thus Deepternal Music was founded.  Deepternal is an entertainment company that organises events and also focuses on music production. The organisation was founded by Mo’Carlo alongside Fixx Mafioso, Ofentse Kafioso (Schoeman), Lethabo Moeketsi (Stolz) and recently they have added Twist’ee to their family.

Mo’Carlo is an integral part of Deepternal Music as he is involved in both the events management and music production side of the entity. The lad is also involved with Comfort Connexions which is also another entertainment company, and the founder of the organisation Dj Comfort is the manager of Mo’Carlo.

In 2013 Deepternal Brothers released their debut EP featuring Zeesto- World Harmony which was released under Pareja Records from UK. The EP had remixes from the likes of Fortee, Ta-Ice, BeatBangerz, Geonix Deep and others. Deepternal Brothers also did a remix for the United EP by Unitieboyz ft. Skhauza-United (Deepternal Brothers Laid Back Dub).


Mo’Carlo and Fixx Mafioso are currently working on collaboration with Dj Fortee and Black Jazz Project. They already have two songs where they work with V.P.S Projects (Sweet Sensations and Harmonics) both of them due to drop later this year. It’s without doubt that this talented lad is forever on his grind if not working on his craft but you’re unlikely to distinguish between the two.


Over the years Mo’Carlo has remained persistent with his craft even though some days have proved to be worse than others. We all know a Dj of some sort in our lives, the point I’m trying to make is that being a Dj is a popular choice but turning it into a career is a different story all together.  This young lad learned this the hard way especially in terms of getting constant gigs. However he unapologetically announces that his girlfriend “Mampho” has been his pillar of strength in all walks of life.

Khalo Moagi is a 24 year old from Mabopane Block C North of Tshwane. As a boy he attended his Primary School at Mpho then moved on to Pelotona for his secondary education before matriculating from Ngaka Maseko High School. His friends influenced and formally introduced him into the Dj fraternity.


The highlight of his career is without doubt the “Annual Groove Party” an annual event which has been active over four years by Deepternal and when he was invited to play on TUT FM with Dj Bongla B. His future dreams or rather goals are to one day work along side the likes of Dj Kent, Fistaz Mixwell and many other outstanding entertainers in the industry.

Fans and all those who are interested in conversing or staying in touch with this talented lad can get hold of him of Facebook under the username Mo’Carlo Deepternal Moagi or simply email him on or you can call/Whatsapp him on 0734184764 or send him a BBM: 7B9C6858

Mo’Carlo is a dedicated and motivated young Dj whom he’s future is very bright and promising. Over the years he has continued to grow as an entertainer and entrepreneur and without doubt he’ll continue to keep us fun and vibrant young people on our feet whenever we decide to go out dancing for the night. He has already inspired multiple youngsters to follow in his footsteps which have only begun thus there future can only be filled with hope. Mo’Carlo has went against all discouragements and most importantly listened to his heart. When asked if he wasn’t a Dj what he’d probably be doing he simply replies “music is my life so there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing”.


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By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B


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    Ahhhhhhhhccccccchhhhhhhoooooo ke MFANA KASI mossss


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    • April 1, 2014 at 7:45 pm

      My “dj” I’m so proud of u bbe


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