Saturday the 14th was one hectic day I can assure you that. Likewise our mag was invited to a multiple events and you know we just had to be there for your sake. One of those events is the “out of nothing mixtape launch” at Café Del Khuze in Sunnyside, organised by Square Roots Studios. The weather was in our favour and our socialite Towbee was just in the right mood to go out and have some fun and so the journey began.

News is upon arrival the venue had only a few people present but you know what the say time heals all so was the case. People kept coming slowly but surely but above everything else nothing was going to dampen the spirit of the performers who had come to stamp their authority.  Various artists from around CapCity rapping different hoods were present and awaiting their turn to get on stage, by the way we also had an artist all the way from Soweto present at the show.

Image (MARIKO)

To kick start things it was Mariko who blessed the crowd with his lyrical content being all on point, and he was just the perfect act to get the ball rolling, our socialite says she was pretty impressed by his lyrical deliverance. Beezy was the next act on stage and the heat was getting warmer by the minute, his reggae sound was fresh and got the crowd moving to that jam.

But the was only one reason that had brought us together on this specific day and when it was that time for this reason to reveal itself Orapeleng Brain Kgotleng aka Blaqtune rose to the occasion. He’s performances captivated the group of people attending, and when he performed his track featuring Kruger who is also on the mix tape the crowd went from crazy to insane.


There were other performance that took place during the event and they really had an impact on the outcome of the event. Bafana ba rankuwa(Disaster management  crew) were simply ablaze they literally ripped the stage apart ,.  Issa Matthews  with his very entertaining personality on stage graced the audience with cool Xhosa lyrics If I had to mention all the tight performance of the day I would still be typing this piece. Square Roots gave us a warm welcome to a dope show until next time keep on walking.

Image (The DJ…)


(some of the vibrant crowds at the event)


(Issa Matthews “siphanbana nje Itiye ka noluntu”)

Image(Lenyora Boy Peza )


By: M.D.B(Notes by Towbee)


Edited By: M.D.B


Images courtesy of Square Root Studios

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