Mathatha boys and its allies run into unforeseen problems on the big day.



Our blog recently featured the gig hosted on the 7th of September on one of our articles for the weekly picks. The gig was hosted at Block XX resort with various entertainers featured on the advertisement posters to appear on the day. Likewise Pitori being the jolly town that it is known to be, large crowds were quite excited and proved this by the large attendants who came to the venue on the day of the gig.

The gig was said to begin at 12pm and last till late not specifying how late and for the young and fun loving crowds of Pitori this was more good news. Come the big day crowds came blazing looking all fresh and up to standard ready for the gig. Along with those crowds our on field correspondent was there to attend the show. Surprisingly there were a few changes awaiting the attenders, firstly on the entrance there was a slight delay as damages to admission to the venue were to be verified.

After it was confirmed that the supposed admission fee was to be over ruled and return to the normal prices used for everyday admission then the was another problem. The gig was to be delayed due to unexpressed obstacles on the day, the crowds then had to improvise and keep themselves entertained waiting to see if the ever was going to be a gig there. After a few hours waiting and people beginning to accept fate that they would have to improvise then a shed of hope came to light.

It seemed like things were about to change for the better as sound equipment and the likes were ready to start blasting and with some attenders already feeling the effects of their refreshments things were looking much better. The word we received from our on field correspondent and a source present on the venue is things were then up and running in no time and people were now having a good time.

However the compromise in the admission fee meant there was going to be a sacrifice in the line up. Some big names most anticipated on the stage were absent, the likes of Da capo from soul candy who was a big crowd puller in pre-up to the show and various other entertainers were no where to be seen on the day. But being good patriots they are the crowds attending over looked all this and made the most of the occasion.

Alleged injuries and crimes also impacted the gig, but word from the streets is the gig was not perfect but overall it was a great day protocol observed. The is obviously room for improvement and being young as they are the organisers will grow into the business and preferably sooner than later host flawless gigs of high calibre. We were able to contact the co-founder of Mathatha production and Tagline premium events project manager who goes by the name of Ray Masumu, although reluctant at first after we had explained our objective he agreed to talk to us.

“There were few changes made to the show due to unforeseen circumstances, but the show was always to proceed as expected”, this is what he told our investigators. We had sent him a questionnaire for more clarity but he had not gotten back to us by the time this Article was published.

By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B

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  • September 12, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Wow, come to think of it, the line up ws too good to be true, I wonder what this means for the annual event, will we see a change in venue?

  • September 12, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Are you a gig guide blog or what?


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