As we round-up women’s month, I had sleepless nights looking for inspiration for my next article kgante the inspiration I needed was right under my nose. My sister who was diagnosed with cancer, a friend, a mother, sister, daughter. One would ask why her? She’s a hero in her own right by being a cancer survivor. Stick with me to find out about the remarkable journey of Lydia Bontle Sibanda.

1. When did you find out you had cancer?
•I did not know it was cancer I felt pains in my stomach, the day I got the news was after I got admitted. I was bleeding internally, the tests confirmed it.

2. Take us through the operation and healing process.
• Total gastrectomy was done one week after I got admitted, I could not eat nor walk. I was in hospital for eight weeks after the operation, I was fed with a tube during the healing process, and I took it one day at a time.
I can’t eat too much food at once, I must eat while standing, I must consume solids most of the time.

3. As a woman wife daughter mother, how did you cope with it?
• Cope? You will never cope… just have to rely on people’s help.  My parents, brothers, my two daughters & my helper were big help.
My hubby? I’m not sure if he coped with me being ill. My friends whom I love and grateful to have in my life were always there for me.

4. Were you the 1st in your family to be diagnosed with cancer?
•Nope, after I got diagnosed I learnt it runs from my paternal blood line.

5. Are you in any support groups?
•Nope, I’m not involved in any support groups.

6. Are you still going through treatment? If yes is it on-going treatment or you will stop at some point?
•I started with my chemo treatment three months after the operation, and it lasted for a year, the side effects were so severe that I had to change twice on my chemo medication it did not help.
For now I’m only doing scans and check-ups every three months.

7. Who’s your source of strength?
•My family……without them I was not going to make it, prayer got me through. My relationship with God is awesome, He chose me to walk this path, He wanted to show people his love and grace through my illness, those who still don’t believe in Him will never feel His power.


LydiaBontle “I’m a cancer survivor and a child of God.” – Lydia Bontle Sibanda, married with two daughters.


In closing I would like to say “let’s not celebrate women only on women’s month, instead let’s celebrate our mothers, daughters and sisters every day. God blessed us through them, for this very reason, we should always treat them like treasure. I’m blessed to witness my sister’s illness because I had a lot to learn and her illness glued all of us together. I wanted to celebrate her as well as to educate all who will read this article now. You won’t understand until it hits your doorstep. Make going to the local clinic a habit for regular check-ups.”

Happy Women’s Month !!!!
Messages from other women to other women:

“As we celebrate women’s month we should remember the courage of those women and commit to applying the same kind of courage in our own daily lives. We should never take for granted the opportunities we have today and we should use them to ensure that we become the best that we can be, Happy Women’s Month” – DJ Soul Bee

“Every women is unique and beautiful in her own way” – Thato Motlhake (De Dolls)




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  • September 1, 2014 at 7:58 am

    I could say you are really brave my sister, in God name we trust. Our father will never forsake us no matter the obsticles we going through in our lives is the tests he give us so we could give others the testimony so they could see how big he can do for us.


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