Love refers to an emotion of a strong attraction, compassion and showing of affectionate actions towards other humans. But unfortunately during the holiday season this word seems to be misused, people easily toss around without feeling guilty even after things turn sour. Holiday flings usually beginning with not so innocent flirting be it with a person visiting or being visited, and end up falling for each other.

My guy friend Itumeleng was a victim once upon a time. This was during December holidays when a girl visited his kasi. With them being involved in numerous romantic conversations it led to them dating. You know how it gets in the hood when there is a soccer match, especially those cup matches. Itumeleng along with his friends went to the local tavern to watch the game and grab a beer or two. The game was then had to be put on a sudden half time due to the fact that the lady walked in with another guy who also happens to be a holiday fling. Let’s just say the scenario had a sour ending.

Being involved in a summer fling is like you being a side-somebody it never works, trust me I know *hides*. That person in most cases is looking for fun and nothing else; it’s like being in love with yourself. The feeling is never mutual they are using you for their personal benefits; you know what happens when holiday time comes to and end? They forget about you, those hours you used to spend on the phone GONE, exceeding your required sms characters texting to one another GONE.

So ladies and gents are you willing to put your feelings in a parking lot just because you do not want to be in a circle of being lonely this holidays. Think hard about this. Sure thing one might argue and say but it could be true love and I must not open the door when it knocks because I’m afraid of being a victim of summer fling? I get that but reality is we are not living in a fairy tale world, where was that person all this time? All of a sudden in simplest of terms, they claim they love you.

We as people suffer from low self-esteem. You feel less about yourself that you end up thinking less about yourself. Just because #Number 1 has many wives you think it will also work for you. It’s no sin to have a shopping/wish list of a guy/girl you’d like in your life. However don’t settle for less, especially during holidays. Some might say ke December agona motho wa motho (No one is the owner of the next person) stuff that. Love is kind, love is patient, love is caring, and love has timing. Now keep this in mind next time you go on that holiday and meet a hottie. Never, never and never again shall you fall into this trap no matter how tempting it is.




Edited By: M.D.B

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