I believe from the moment we are born as homo sapiens/humans if you like, there’s this passion instilled deep into our hearts which guides us to do what we are destined for in life. Most people die without realising their ultimate calling for lack of a better word. But for those who do realise that calling they are more likely to stand out and inspire others with their crafts and ‘God given’ talent. Today we take a closer look at an exceptional talent what I’d like to call a ‘diamond in the rough’ anointing those who are fortunate enough to hear such melodic notations and such proportional executions.



It all began in Primary school when a choir was organised to sing for the assembly and elected to lead this choir in rendition of the famous ‘World in union’ by Pj Powers was none either than the Young Kagiso. Although this was unfamiliar territory for boys at that time, ‘Blood is thicker than water’ it so happened that her mother was once a traveller of the same passage and she narrated how once she fell in love with music all in all this was a major confidence boost for the young lad.

He has lately joined hands with the crowd mover DJ Fortee and together they formed what has come to be known as KomFort Blendz. They have released an album dubbed House Africa Sessions 3 pack disc where their music is featured on the third disc. Their first offering had a good reception by their fans and also won them new followers. 


They have recently embarked on another endeavour whereby they have undertaken to produce their next offering. They have grown tremendously since their last offering both as entertainers and general beings.  Their next offering is scheduled to be released on March 2014 and you’re advised to mark this date down.

The duo and as a Solo Komplexity can be seen performing at various events this festivities as he continues to bless you with outstanding melodies. Fans and interested people can converse with him on his twitter handle @Komplexity722 or check him out on Facebook under the user Komplexity KomFort Blendz McHu you can also check out their fan page KomFort Blendz.

In the beginning it was very hard for Komplexity to promote his music and get gigs to perform at. But as time progressed so has the demand and bookings as people begin to appreciate the rising “diamond in the rough”. It’s always going to be hard venturing into the entertainment industry as an independent artist Komplexity has paid his dues and evident enough dusk is followed by dawn.


Kagiso Makhubela resides at Soshanguve North. As a young lad he attended Primary School at Laudium Primary school afterwards he moved to Elandspoort Hoerskool in Danville. He was a popular child amongst his peers and his uncle inspired his partaking in Kick Boxing which quickly became a hobby. He did a lot of writing as his passion for music kept rising and also participated in several poetry sessions. In 2008 he joined forces with Maphorisa (Themba Sekowe) now signed to Kalawa and also a member of Uhuru.

Komplexity is planning to work on a solo project late next year 2014 and have it reaching international crowds. He’s dream is to get a chance to act in a broadcasted episode of a series or movie. Komplexity is always looking to challenge himself further and although music lies closest to his heart possibilities are endless.

Today we have observed the exceptional rewards of perseverance and continued hard work. Although it’s just the beginning of a probable prosperous endeavour and much remains to be seen and heard, after the diamond has been polished jewellers shall watch in admiration. From the horses mouth “I believe I am made up of the past and future that’s why I ended up calling myself Komplexity”. 


By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B

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