A lot of us have excuses for not Exercising, well help is here! No more excuses please!

Ladies summer is here and well you might want to get in shape for those summer outfits. Summer clothes are awesome and even better when you have a figure to complement that fabulous wardrobe, but there’s just too many excuses made for not exercising right?

Here are some of the excuses that a lot of us make when it’s time to exercise

  • I do not have access to the gym
  • I work too much I just don’t have time
  • I really want to but I don’t know if it’s really worth it
  • I don’t know which exercises are right for me
  • My body is fine so why do I need to exercises?

So if I say I have a solution do you promise to abandon these excuses you have been making all your life?  Well skatties no need to worry because I have exactly what you need.  First and foremost, for those of you who excuse themselves from exercises because of lack of equipment or gym no need to worry because I have a solution right here.

Well here is what I have to say. Think about yourself and please forgive me for this but I am going to use these words in order for you to clearly understand. You eat but never go to the toilet (well not immediately but eventually).I am sure most of you who have been at the receiving end of this and have suffered the pain of being bloated.  My question is why let your body be a victim of your laziness? Sounds harsh but its true isn’t it? Stop making a gym an excuse for not exercising because your own home can be a gym. Busy at work or school? Well don’t you get a break, say 30 minutes maybe? You actually don’t need the whole 2 hours to exercise.

Your body is fine but don’t you want to maintain that figure of yours, well studies shown that sometimes the cause of a sickness can be from lack of exercise? Believe you me exercise is the best thing you can do for your body, it’s actually a good investment towards your health and wellness.

Here are exercises that you can do at home, the good thing is they do not require equipment but just your fabulous body and your motivated self

  • Have a 30 minute jog outside your home
  • To target that abdominal muscle try sit-ups , cycle crunches  or mini jack knives
  • For toned bums and thighs do lunges and squats
  • If you are less flexible, try stretching your body here and there you owe it to yourself
  • If you’re struggling to keep up, get a training buddy truth is two minds are better than one.

Exercise is important because it increases your mental alertness and keeps sicknesses at bay plus it gives you the body you have always desired, kick the laziness demon and say hala to a new body!





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