It’s a centenary for the union buildings.

Arguably one of the most renowned buildings in the world the union buildings hold the candle for none. The imposing union buildings, part of the official seat of the South African government. This building was designed by renowned British architect Sir Herbert Baker in 1908 and was constructed from 1909 with the constructions taking up to three years. This year the buildings celebrates its hundred birthday and what better way to celebrate the most historic building than with the erection of the statue of the most iconic figure in all of South Africa.
Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile announced during a media briefing that work on the statue was at an advanced stage. The erection of this statue would emphasize the transformation which took upon the Capital city from the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as the first democratically elected president in 1994, heralding the beginning of a new era in its history.
The Minister was giving his speech about the Heritage month and day which is celebrated each year during September on the24th precisely. He announced that this year the theme of the celebration is “Reclaiming, Restoring and celebrating our living heritage. On the very same day Executive Mayor of the city Kgosientso Ramakgopa officially announced the launch of Tshwane vision 2055 to build a smart, well structured city for the future.
The Minister further emphasized that this fits well and compliments the lifestyle of Tshwane residents by ensuring liveable, resilient and inclusive space whose citizens enjoy a high quality of life, have access to social, economic and enhanced political freedoms and where residents are partners in the development of the African capital of excellence.
Over the years the state of Tshwane residents has rapidly enhanced and opportunities been made available and more attainable. Although many grave situations still impact this city, initiatives have been taken to better the lives of this cosmopolitan city and all those who reside here within. The union building like many other historic monuments in this city possess a great deal of influence in how people view Tshwane and SA as a whole.
The celebrations will continue through out the year to commemorate the great history of this presidential venue. However the ultimate celebrations are scheduled for December and so hoping that despite all the ills that still burden our country people of different origins living in this country will come together and cohesively celebrate the astounding history of this building and city.

By: M.D.B

Edited By: M.D.B

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