You’re too thin, you’re too plum, you’re too fat this are the words we hear often, that could crush one’s self-esteem as fast as someone snapping their fingers.

Why do these comments have such impact on us whereas nobody is perfect? We’re all disproportioned somehow in the same way, so why do we feel the need to bring people down solely because of how they look. Why are we so quick to judge just by mere sight, is it because we are inferior and feel the need to pick on others just so to feel better? Or is it simply a defence mechanism we use to escape the same negativity.

We all have our flaws, so conscious of them that we feel insecure in our God given skin thus this inhuman behaviour comes naturally. No matter how confident you might think you’re, there’s an edge which will always make you envy the next person whether it’s their eyes, boobs even bums there’s always that feeling that screams in your head this is how I should have been.

This leads to all kind of drastic measures including buying all the expensive cosmetics and considering surgery just to attain that image you have in your head. Some of us have this idea in our minds and close circle of what is the perfect look in a scale of 1-10, 10 being the perfect look or settling for the trying 5 as if there’s some mysterious chart used to distinguish perfect looks from utter bad looks.

Of course we all want looks which resembles the curvy Beyoncé or toothpick size Bonang, or the hunky Vin Diesel even the yummy Trey Songs’ but whoever said your body is not perfect as it is, society maybe? Well I think of us as bombshells in our own right but we refuse to neither see nor believe it because of that supposed flaw which shines your beauty.

We should all pride ourselves of our natural un-photo shopped bodies, perhaps the idolised celebrities ought to contribute to this mentality. What ever happened to keeping it natural now everyone is obsessed with make up, clothes, gyms and ridiculous diets I am not implying that we should let ourselves go, we must be and remain healthy but not cause we are told to lose this or cut that.

I think we owe it to ourselves to embrace and celebrate our big bums, double D breasts, thick thighs, crinkled toes and big noses whatever imperfection you may think you have and start loving yourself unconditionally for we were not born with terms and conditions. If you’re a big boned guy or lady what right is there for you not to embrace yourself, if you’re skinny who has the right to judge you no matter your size it’s your choice and birth right to be what you choose.

True beauty starts from within and how do you expect the next person to respect and love you if you can’t appreciate what you are, after all if you were created through the image of God how can you claim to be imperfect?


Edited By: M.D.B


  • December 8, 2013 at 7:16 am

    Society always bring ppl down as if they r better than the others. U thin, they complain. U gain weight, they stil complain. U decide to lose it, then they claim that u sick. I look how I look, to hell for those whom think less.


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