Prior 1994 we were living in an era called apartheid, a period where  black people suffered oppression and inequality. A white man could not share a bed with a black woman because  interracial relationships/marriages were banned. The arrival of democracy brought about change, laws were reviewedand people’s rights were made top priority. This year( 2014) we celebrate 20 years of freedom. People of all races are now regarded as equals before the law and opportunities are made available without discrimination . The very reason  South Africa has a significant population of mixed people which are popularly known as Coloureds.

With all of this happening in our beautiful country why  still deprive yourself when  choices are wide open compared to previously. You get to choose who you fall in love with without being judged or convicted. Whether that person comes from a poor family or is an Afrikaner, who cares? Love should not have boundaries. What is the purpose of having the term  Ubuntu(meaning human-kindness) if we don’t exercise it? Where is the unity we preach about? Why is it that we are stuck up in the mentality of saying blacks will remain inferior to whites and these two races are not supposed to merge? yet you say you proudly South African? I doubt. Go have a good read about Ubuntu and see if you can’t correct your mistakes.
The beauty of  being involved with someone from the other race is that it provides you with an opportunity to practice this “rainbow nation” we always hear about. It’s delightful to see that there are people embracing the new South Africa. A good example of that will be of the marriage between retired soccer player Matthew Booth and former Miss South Africa first princess Sonia Bonneventia. One of the things I bet the former Bafana Bafana defender will never forget was having to pay lobola(Bride’s price) for his bride. But in the end it all worked out beautifully, these two have been married for over 5 years and have handsome sons. Love is about affection, it’s about finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. Hence love should not be determined by ones skin colour, never.

Black and White  are often  compared to oil and water, they don’t go together. As we enter the third phase of democracy lets wipe away the negativity around interracial relationships and try to move on from the mind-set of  apartheid, we have played the ‘blame it on apartheid’ game for too long now. Let’s rather enjoy the fruits of democracy  by celebrating diversity.




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