Fool me once shame on you, try fool me twice b* I’m hurt proof been through it all before fool.

Now that’s a statement that needed to be readjusted, so let’s get to it hurt proof which is one of the most vital stages after a split to be able to simply just be able to let go of the toxicity.

This is a column you need to save and always go back to because it may become a necessary tool for future heartache and blind sides your better half’s pull on you. Yes I may not be an expert on love, life and relationships but trust me it works. By now you must be wondering what on earth I am talking about that is so hurt resistant. Am talking about learning to accept hardship, heartbreak and pain easily without having to dwell dismay for indeed you should hurt but not lose yourself in it. You must understand that the longer you willow in heartache you kill yourself more each day. And end up losing a piece of yourself that you’ll never regain. And even if you regain it back it will never be the same again for it’ll be tinted.

Love starts with in yourself and not in another person; for how can you say you love another person if you do not love yourself first? I don’t mean by telling yourself you all that. But I mean loving yourself unconditionally and knowing your worth. Once you can say that you’ll be content and there for no matter if someone comes and goes in your life. You can just as easily move on knowing yes it hurt but clearly he/she wasn’t made for me.

What good does getting depressed and being sad all the time over someone who was made to be a life lesson to you and not your life partner brought? Happiness is and feels so much better, more better than words can say so weep? That’s just being silly and giving the other person the satisfaction of pitying you and laughing at you if not behind your back. Being the users , emotionally damaged and battered fools that they are. Because they couldn’t deal with their pain they feel the need to inflict it on other people. Then try making peace with the past and getting closure.

At the end of it all you only have one life to live and one heart to give maybe once or twice before finding it a home in someone truly worthy of it so don’t go making it inhabitable for that one true person who will restore it to its intended glory. So cry if you must, ache if you should but don’t let it go deeper then bruised feelings and then laugh it off and move on.

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  • August 20, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    this made me realise not every 1 we meet was meant to be


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