So you have decided that staying fit is one of your goals, good then because I am really thrilled that you are embarking on this life changing journey which will definitely change your life for the better. But wait there’s a catch, staying in shape is not easy and there are several things that one must consider during their training/exercise program. There is a diet which you need to follow, consideration of the amount of time you have to spend training and the type of exercises you need.


It’s  sad that many of us go into this fitness journey without our  fitness gear, don’t get me wrong I beg of you, I am not talking about your training equipment or exercise clothing, am talking about your meal plan, your exercise intensity and motivation. It is exciting to see a person taking a step about their health and wellbeing. The question that slowly comes to my mind when I see people joining the gym or doing their training either on the field or anywhere else is, how long will they last? Most people, well mostly women make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals. How can you expect to lose 10kgs in a month? Truth is it’s very easy to gain fat, but getting rid of it is not that easy, you just can’t do it overnight


Another mistake that people make is starting to exercise but continuing to eat unhealthy food. Remember you are what you eat, so don’t be surprised if you spend too much time in the gym but you don’t see the results you hope for, because you are working backward. Ladies please, lifting a few weights won’t do your body any harm, I know that ladies are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis, because they are born with softer bones but do yourself a favor hit the gym and pick those weights up it will do you more good than harm. There is no such thing as you developing a male body because of weight lifting unless if you take substances which were designed to turn you into one, substances such as steroids. Your testosterone levels are meant to be low so why try to up them?


Peeps go to the gym with enough information to help you make well informed decisions and also to take you up the fitness level ladder, eat healthy, work smart and exercise as your body allows you, not more than that and definitely not less than that. In the meantime enjoy your workouts and remember you are the leader of your own body, wherever you go you take your body with you, so why not make sure it’s always fabulous.






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Mpho Pretty Makhafola is a qualified fitness instructor at Virgin active, for all your queries and concerns regarding all things fitness and wellness, visit her FB account Mpho Pretty Makhafola or send an email to with subject:Fitness And Wellness.

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