Many people relocate from their places of origin and make their way to the big city and light’s just to get their piece of the pie. Some come in search of better employment opportunities; others come looking for fame and fortune whilst another group comes to pursue their academic aspirations. No matter the reason or the cause for that transition from one place to another its not everyone who achieves what they had hoped for when they first came to this beautiful city of ours, but those who do find favour with the gods of this pot of gold are in for a marvellous ride.

At the age of 14 many young people in our country (if not the world) are going through puberty and only concerned with being cool. I’m not saying doing such is wrong because at that age you’re entitled to being adventurous and making mistakes so you may evolve into a well informed young adult. Everyone has a journey to travel and everyone is the author of their own destiny, tonight we talk to a young man who chose to do music when everyone else was busy dancing to it ladies and gents I present to you Dala.


If you’ve read my articles before then you know I always command parents or anyone in that nature who support the endeavours made by their off-spring. When Dala first showed signs of being passionate about music and wanting to pursue it he’s grandfather identified this objective and gave the young lad his out-most support. He encouraged the young lad to listen to his instincts and give his best at all times because he had the potential to be just that.

This talented youngster has finished working on his next offering and is busy packaging it and wrapping up the finer details. As an independent artist he’s responsible for most of the ground work in terms of marketing and distributing his music so as you can imagine his schedule has recently been busy. His upcoming Mixtape is dubbed “MY BitterSweet Pain” and is expected to drop on the 28 of May 2014 and you can get your copy for a mere R30.


I’ve took it upon myself to listen to some of his joint’s which will be featured on the Mixtape and I’m sceptical when I say his good. This upcoming talent has the skills and panache to be the next best thing in the Rap game so make sure you get you’re copy. To make sure he doesn’t run out of the limited copies which are being prepared without you getting one for yourself simply order your copy on Twitter @Dala_FAM or BBM 2B4551E9.

My new personal saying is “If you haven’t fallen on your way to the top then you haven’t climbed high enough”. Dala has had his fair share of tribulations as he has come across producers from hell, unreliable organisers and sceptics in his endeavour. However he has persisted over it all and now all these parasites from his past are now the ones doing the chasing.

Ndalama Mukhari was born and bred in Limpopo in a small town called Waterval he came to Pretoria to further his tertiary education at TUT where he is studying Software Development. The young lad attended school at Emmanuel Christian School this is the school he matriculated from. He is 20 years old and without doubt his future is looking bright even with my shades on. His next birthday is on the 30th June he has a surprise for his friends and fans so you best be one of those.

He has lots of dreams for his future but he emphasizes “I want to make my parents proud and complete my Diploma”. Music is very dear and close to his heart that’s why he has no immediate plans to part ways with it but as long as the beat keeps going then those joints will keep dropping. He’s short term goal is to work with Casper Nyovest on a joint; he has already done remixes for two of his songs Gusheshe and Doc Shebeleza so possibilities are endless.


If you want to stay in touch with this talented youngster and keep track of his moves simply find him on Facebook under Ndalama Mukhari or Tweet him on the handle @Dala_FAM. If you want to book him for any gig email him on ndalama.m@gmail.com or simply email his manager on francesindimba@yahoo.com

There’s only one thing I’d like to say as conclusion to my piece “different strokes for different folks”. Most of us lose ourselves in the process of complacency because we think we deserve what we have more than what we could get. We dream with one eye open so we lose the picture in process not because we’re cursed but because we fear our own potential and limit ourselves just to look equal with our peers. So to wrap things up dream big or catch insomnia it’s your choice.


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By: M.D.B


Edited By: M.D.B


  • May 21, 2014 at 5:09 am

    Dala is doing a great music, actualy he’s my favorite rapper. What i can say is that keep on producing good rap music, am your number one fan. Hi xitsonga nta ku, ni ku bela mandla nitlhela ni vuyelela.


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